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The Last Days of Last Days

Wishing for the days, When I first wore this suit… Five years is a pretty long time for a disposable guy writing in a disposable medium. How did I make it this far? It’s probably due to all of the … Continue reading

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Real Enemy – Live with the Enemy (Cleveland 1983)

A food store somewhere in the endless endlessness of Ohio and Pennsylvania. There probably hasn’t been a cooler discovery for me personally on Last Days than finding out about the existence of Real Enemy, a hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA … Continue reading

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LDoMoE Podcast #26 – 17/03/2012 Stumblemix

Shit this is a great podcast. The theme of this podcast is definitely ROCK. I don’t know if there is something in the air or what but a lot of the stuff I have been sent lately just flat-out ROCKS … Continue reading

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Bernthøler – Japanese Garden

Bernthøler – Japanese Garden // The Other (Putovski Records) 1982. Bernthøler is definitely not something I would have liked when I was a kid. I would have thought they were boring. Luckily I didn’t hear them back then. Recently I … Continue reading

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The Hated – The Best Pice of Shit

The Hated – The Best Pice of Shit (Self Released Demo Cassette) 1985. Buckle yourselves in because what you are about to listen to here is both one of the most obscure and also possibly the greatest Emo release of … Continue reading

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Steve Miro and the Eyes – Up and About / Smiling in Reverse

Steve Miro and The Eyes – Up and About // Smiling in Reverse (Object Music) 1978. Hot on the heels of The Yachts, Steve Miro was one of the founders of Object Records, a very cool Manchester independent label that … Continue reading

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Yachts – Look Back in Love (Not in Anger)

Yachts – Look Back in Love (Not in Anger) // I Can’t Stay Long (Radar Records) 1978. Ah, The Yachts. One of those dapper British bands of the late 1970′s that gets overlooked a lot nowadays. Which is kind of … Continue reading

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Sacred Order – Crankin’ On A Straight Edge

Sacred Order – Crankin’ On A Straight Edge (Beer Hill) 1982. Another great hardcore band from the Mid-West that came up when I did my podcasts; Hardcore Podcast # 3 to be exact. Sacred Order, were one of those bands … Continue reading

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The Comix – Touche Pas Mon Sexe

Comix – Touche Pas Mon Sexe // Top Model (Virgin Records) 1982. A great slice of syrupy French synth goodness. Touche Pas Mon Sexe was on the classic BIPPP Compilation that I raved about back in March of 2008. All … Continue reading

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Plasticland – Euphoric Trapdoor Shoes

Plasticland -Euphoric Trapdoor Shoes // Rat-Tail Comb (Scadilac) 1983. Chris over at the great Psychedelicatessenn said it best when he mentioned that the A-Side (or is it the B-Side?) of this single is “like a commercial for shoes that will … Continue reading

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