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Plasticland – Euphoric Trapdoor Shoes

Plasticland -Euphoric Trapdoor Shoes // Rat-Tail Comb (Scadilac) 1983. Chris over at the great Psychedelicatessenn said it best when he mentioned that the A-Side (or is it the B-Side?) of this single is “like a commercial for shoes that will … Continue reading

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TAR – Teetering / The In-Crowd

TAR – Teetering // The In-Crowd (Touch & Go Records) 1992. Ahhhh yes, TAR. Another of the lesser known bands on the Am Rep roster and definitely part of the Midwestern 1990s noise rock scene. For more background on that … Continue reading

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Vertigo – Burnin’ Inside / 3220

Vertigo – Burnin’ Inside // 3220 (Insipid Records) 1992. Vertigo. Remember them? One of the great also-rans. Vertigo were part of the “third wave” of Minneapolis punk / underground music that started up in the late 1980s and ran into … Continue reading

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The Jetsons

The Jetsons – Suicidal Tendencies // Genetically Stupid, Killing (Gulcher Records) 1981. Here’s a great little obscurity from the Midwest. Indiana namely. On Gulcher Records, the same label that The Gizmos, Dow Jones and the Industrials, Amoebas In Chaos and … Continue reading

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Endangered Species Box Set

Endangered Species (Glitterhouse Records) 1990: And lo and behold it came to pass in that most holy year of 1990 that a box set was released upon the world. A box set of such collectible magnitude that record dorks near … Continue reading

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Verktum – Verktum EP

Verktum – Verktum EP (Self-Released) 2003. The band Verktum is the same group as the band VRKTM that I raved about back in June 2007. At some point they got rid of their vowels. Who needs em? That’s what I … Continue reading

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Skafish – Disgracing The Family Name

Skafish – Disgracing The Family Name// Work Song(Illegal Records) 1979. Do you know a lot about Jim Skafish? I didn’t either. I saw him in Urgh! A Music War many years ago. He’s towards the end and he does the … Continue reading

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Th’Inbred – A Family Affair

Th’Inbred – A Family Affair (Toxic Shock Records) 1986. – This one is a fucking gem. Man, Toxic Shock really was the last hope in 86. Between this and the Zero Boys reissue, they almost saved the day. But not … Continue reading

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Comp Tape From 1986

Recently I went digging through shit at my mom’s old house and came across an old tape in the basement. It was a piece of shit cassette that only I woulda bought back in the day. Probably at Radio Shack … Continue reading

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75s – Extra Fancy

The 75s – Extra Fancy (Self Released) 2008. The 75s are one of the best bands currently playing in Saint Louis. They play in a self-professed “girly pop” style…think Cub or Tiger Trap or something. There’s also a little bit … Continue reading

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