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Normal Man – That Joyless Vibe

Normal Man – That Joyless Vibe (self-released cassette) 2010. I can’t begin to describe how good this Normal Man release is. In a fair world, Normal Man from Leeds, UK would be wearing Meat Dresses to the VMAs while Lady … Continue reading

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Strangulated Beatoffs – Shake Your Dick

Strangulated Beatoffs – Shake Your Dick // Strangle Me (Firefighter Records) 1988. Man I can’t believe it took me so long to post something by these guys. One of the finest ensembles to ever come from my hometown of Saint … Continue reading

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Ruin – Fiat Lux

Ruin – Fiat Lux (Meta Meta Records) 1986. Probably the most on-going request that I have seen over the years with Last Days is Fiat Lux by the Philly band Ruin. I wrote about them back in 2007. Few bands … Continue reading

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TAR – Teetering / The In-Crowd

TAR – Teetering // The In-Crowd (Touch & Go Records) 1992. Ahhhh yes, TAR. Another of the lesser known bands on the Am Rep roster and definitely part of the Midwestern 1990s noise rock scene. For more background on that … Continue reading

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Evergreen 7inch

Evergreen -1980, Wholeness of the Soul, Precious // Fall, Empty World (Self Destruct Records) 1992. This is a ridiculously good hardcore / post-hardcore 45 that I would never in a million years have listened to if it weren’t for the … Continue reading

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