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Menace – Screwed Up / Insane Society

Menace – Screwed Up // Insane Society (Illegal Records) 1977. My first foray into Oi as well. This is a monumental day. Actually, I am not that big of an Oi fan. A lot of it just doesn’t do much … Continue reading

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The Embarrassment – Patio Set / Sex Drive 7inch

Embarrassment – Sex Drive // Patio Set (Big Time) 1980. One of the greatest art punk recordings ever. And its from KANSAS! Ha ha ha…the irony! All you jaded New Yorky types…maybe, just maybe…if you surround yourselves with cornfields, book … Continue reading

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Deathwish – Tailgate

Deathwish – Tailgate // Condemned, Break The Chains (Amory Arms) 1989. My first foray into HC here. Jaysus…is there a better Boston HC 7inch than this? I know, I know…..”Sold Out” by Gangreen maybe? Yeah but wait….the second side is … Continue reading

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Comateens – Cool Chick / Dangerzone 7inch

Comateens – Cool Chick // Dangerzone (Teenmaster Records) 1979. The first Comateens 7inch is sort of an obscurity even amongst the kbd/h2d crowd. I do not know why. Its a great piece of late 1970′s new wave. The Comateens went … Continue reading

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