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The Nils – Sell Out Young

The Nils – Sell Out Young (Psyche Industry Records) 1985. This is one of my favorite EPs ever. The Nils were a really brilliant band. There is so much emotional depth to these songs. Mag Wheel Records released a compilation … Continue reading

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Lovebug Starski – Dancin Party People

Another Old School NYC rap song. Lovebug Starski was one of the original rappers in NYC in the late 1970s. In fact, many people say that he invented the term “hip hop”. After you hear this track, it may seem … Continue reading

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The Flesheaters – Disintegraton Nation

Flesheaters – Disintegraton Nation (Upsetter) 1978. The first Flesheaters EP is pretty stratightforward early LA punk rock with the waaaaaaay over-the-top Chris D vocals above the mix. My understanding is that Chris recruited the local band The Flyboys to be … Continue reading

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Betty Davis

I think the “curators” of Last Days of Man On Earth and Post-Punk Junk have a similar record collection. First came the time when PPJ was going to post some Black Randy and I beat them to the punch. Now, … Continue reading

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The Gears – Lets Go To The Beach

The Gears – Let’s Go To The Beach // Hard Rock, Don’t Be Afraid To Pogo (Four Speed Music) 1979. What to say about The Gears? They were an early punk band from LA…part of the whole X/Dangerhouse/Bags type scene. … Continue reading

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London – Everyone’s a Winner

London – Everyone’s A Winner // Handcuffed (MCA) 1977. Ahhhhhhh…. “Everyones a golden wondah!” Note that this band does indeed contain “The Future Love Interest of Boy George/Drummer for Culture Club” Jon Moss. In fact, he is sportin’ a rather … Continue reading

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