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45 Grave – Black Cross / Wax

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The New Rap Languange

Most old school rap 12 inches have two tracks, the rap track on side A and an instrumental version on side B. This has two of the most amazing rap cuts ever recorded. The history behind it is a little … Continue reading

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Man Sized Action – Five Story Garage

Man Sized Action – Five Story Garage (Reflex) 1984. Man Sized Action was a great Mission of Burma-type band from Minneapolis. I have owned this album for many years and for a long time it just didn’t do anything for … Continue reading

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The Au Pairs

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Dressed for the H-Bomb Obit

So I just get finished writing a lengthy obit for 100 Records and Strange Reaction pulls its plug. Now there wasn’t much love around here for Strange Reaction, but it was a damn good site and I was sad to … Continue reading

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Didjits – Signifies My Go-T

OK….Here it is. Mucho thanks to Larry. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I FUCKED up! I take no blame for the first one. But this screwup…yeah. The dead links are because I am a freakin retard. So the dead links are all fixed. … Continue reading

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100 Records Obit

Apparently 100 Records got pulled by the RIAA or something? I often worried about this with 100 Records, because Tesco would often brazenly post shit that was Major Label Copywritten. Apparently lawyers from Sony or some shit shut him down … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

I have been diggin a lot of tunes lately that are currently in print. Went record shopping recently…the first time I have done that in a while. So I’m gonna share some of it as well as a few other … Continue reading

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Consumers – All My Friends Are Dead

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The U-Men

I believe I was living in Tulsa at the time and I was pretty far removed from what was going on in the Pacific Northwest. I knew this girl who had the Sub Pop 2000 Box Set and it blew … Continue reading

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