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Rifle Sport – Live at the Entry/Dead at the Exit.

Rifle Sport – Live At The Entry…Dead At The Exit (Ruthless) 1983. I used to work with a guy in Denver that was from Minneapolis. He told me that Rifle Sport got their name from a shooting gallery there. Is … Continue reading

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The Micronotz – Smash

The Micronotz – Smash! (Fresh Sounds) 1983. Does anyone remember The Micronotz? Their records were everywhere in St Louis in the 80′s. They were another one of those super-great punk/alt/whatever bands from the midwest. They were contemporaries of The Embarrassment … Continue reading

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RIP Larissa Strickland

Larissa Strickland died recently of an overdose of Xanax. Apparently, she was living in Florida. I don’t want to spend too much effort going over the details of her slow fade out because frankly I don’t know much besides what … Continue reading

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