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Skate Rock Volume One

I had a dupe of a tape of this way back when and I remember loving it. I think it was my first introduction to The Drunk Injuns. What stands out now is how kick ass a band Riot.303 were. … Continue reading

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Skate Rock Volume Three: Wild Riders Of Boards

Skate Rock Volume Three – Wild Riders of Boards (High Speed Productions) 1985. Because I am feeling generous, here is Volume Three. By this point, there was a crossover vibe going on in the skate scene definitely and it shows … Continue reading

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Yugoslavian Punk Rock

Punk rock, due to it’s musical simplicity, is like a template upon which cultures can add thier own unique character. Heady shit indeed…but think about it. Ever hear Jimmy Jimmy by The Undertones? It’s an Irish tenor over 3 chords. … Continue reading

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The Next – Kick Ass

The Next – Little Girls // Women Should Be Wilder, TVS (Sharp Records) 1980. Long rumoured to be one of the worst follow-ups in the history of punk rock. Is it? Well, it’s worse than Gangster Funk, thats for sure. … Continue reading

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Ruin – Fiat Lux

Ruin – Fiat Lux (Meta Meta Records) 1986. Let’s face it, trends come and go but style is something you either have or you just fuckin’ don’t. So one of the best things about doing this site is getting to … Continue reading

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Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 1

Flipside Vinyl Fanzine – (Flipside) 1984. Another classic compilation from the waning days of the hardcore era. It makes a nice companion piece to Blazing Wheels and Barking Trucks. Some of the material on this is pretty awful but it … Continue reading

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