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Steve Almaas – Beat Rodeo EP

Steve Almaas – Beat Rodeo (Coyote) 1982. I picked this up a few years back on eBay out of curiosity. It’s on the same label as The Feelies. It was produced with Richard Barone from The Bongos. Most importantly, Steve … Continue reading

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Dwight Twilley – Sincerely

Dwight Twilley – Sincerely (Shelter) 1976. Another LP I picked up for a buck somewhere. Dwight Twilley would be the other great musical export from Tulsa (besides NOTA – very different). This album is not something I would have picked … Continue reading

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Hates – Panacea

Hates – Panacea (Faceless) 1982. Here’s a classic. Hates with Panacea. I picked this up sealed for 50 cents in a Goodwill in Tulsa, Oklahoma! This LP kinda exists at the spot where punk and hardcore meet. Some of the … Continue reading

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LDoMoE Podcast #4 – The First Scene of the Crime

So last week I had this amazingly kick ass podcast put together. It was an hour of Irish punk rock in honor of St Paddys Day. I betcha didn’t know that Stumble is an Irish name eh? Actually my mom’s … Continue reading

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Teezar – Backstage Pass

Teezar – Backstage Pass (Self Released) 1978. Due to overwhelming response (well actually 4 comments, maybe just a whelming response), I have decided to post the entire Teezar discography. I will also tell you everything I personally know about this … Continue reading

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N.O.T.A. – Live At The Crystal Pistol

N.O.T.A. – Live At The Crystal Pistol (Prank Records) 2000. Tulsa in the early 80′s was a strange fuckin’ place. I knew a girl once who went to a NOTA concert down there during the halycon days of HC and … Continue reading

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LDoMoE Podcast #3 – Inland Empire

I’ve been going to see David Lynch movies at the theater since I was 14. He is definitely an auteur. He makes the same movie over and over again. A blonde innocent woman and a brunette not-so-innocent woman are somehow … Continue reading

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