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Wall of Voodoo – Dark Continent

Wall of Voodoo – Dark Continent (IRS Records) 1981. Like many people my age, I got hipped to Wall of Voodoo very early on. It’s hard to believe now but there was a time when MTV actually played videos. And, … Continue reading

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LDoMoE Podcast #6 – It’s Truly Outrageous

Podcast #6 is up and running and its a Jem. It’s truly outrageous. Track Listing: The Urinals Last Days of Man on Earth The Didjits Top Fuel The Fix Cos The Elite DEATH OF SAMANTHA blood and shaving cream Trio … Continue reading

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Didjits Rarities

Between 1987 and 1993, local heroes The Didjits released six amazing albums as well as a host of other 7inchers and comp tracks. The albums are very much in print at Touch and Go Records and you really should buy … Continue reading

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Rokker – Rokker (Owl Records) 1979. Another masterpiece of the biker punk subgenre was Rokker’s 1979 classic Rokker. These guys were some dirtball biker types who tried unsuccesfully to fit into the late 70′s Austin punk scene. Thier frustration at … Continue reading

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Puke Spit and Guts – Eat Hot Lead

Puke Spit and Guts – Eat Hot Lead (Important Records) 1980. Ever see the 1980 horror movie Motel Hell? Its stars Rory Calhoun and Nancy Parsons as proprieters of a cheap rural motel somewhere in Appalachia (I think). They have … Continue reading

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Ebba Grön ‎– Antirock 7inch

Ebba Grön ‎– Profit // Ung & Sänkt (Mistlur) 1978. I have been listening to shitloads of Ebba Grön lately. This is thier first 7inch from 1978. I spent about six months in Sweden a few years back on a … Continue reading

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The Crows – Crow Bar / Low Brow 7inch

The Crows – Crow Bar // Low Brow (Amphetamine Reptile) 1991. Remember the U-Men? One of the greatest bands of all time. The lead singer was a fuckin’ madman. Used to set fire to shit and dance like a spazzmo … Continue reading

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VOM – Live at Surf City

VOM – Live At Surf City (White Noise Records) 1978. From the USA we have VOM with an EP from 1978. It started in the mid 1970′s with 3 music critics-Richard Meltzer, Mike Saunders and Gregg Turner. Gregg and Mike … Continue reading

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LDoMoE Podcast #5 – The Second Scene of the Crime

So it is with a large amount of irony that I seem to have been discovered in my hometown by certain local intelligentsia. Y’see, I left here in 1992 under a black cloud of disgust for the whole place. I … Continue reading

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The Valves – Robot Love / Adolfs Only 7inch

The Valves – Robot Love (Zoom Records) 1978. These guys were some sleazy pub rockers from Edinburgh, Scotland named Angel Easy. When the punk thing hit they changed thier name to The Valves and released this scorcher on thier own … Continue reading

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