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The Plugz – Electrify Me

The Plugz – Electrify Me (Plugz Records) 1979. One of my favourite bands ever were The Plugz. They were part of the first wave of the LA punk rock scene. Back in the 1980′s The Plugz, along with most of … Continue reading

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Get Off My Back – We’re Doing It Ourselves

Get Off My Back – We’re Doing It Ourselves (Red Records) 1982. Unlike Boston, DC, or NYC, The Philly scene never got the props it deserved. It had a slew of great bands, a strong scene and was close enough … Continue reading

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N.O.T.A. – Demo

This one is a real treat. It’s a demo from 1986 that was seriously making the rounds when I was down in Tulsa at the close of the 1980′s. Chronologically this would be the next thing N.O.T.A. did after the … Continue reading

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