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The Five – Act of Contrition

The Five – Act of Contrition (Public Records) 1981. A quick one this afternoon. This is The Five, a Pittsburgh band that was featured on Bloodstains Across The Midwest. Is Pittsburgh in the Midwest? Anyway, this was sent to me … Continue reading

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LDoMoE Podcast #7 – Art For Spastics

I was putting together another podcast recently and I realized that I primarily wanted to add new wave tunes. Maybe it is a reaction to all of the hardcore I have been listening to lately. Who knows? Anyway, I have … Continue reading

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Growing Pains (A Faction Production) – 1983 Skatecore

Growing Pains – Compilation (A Faction Production) 1983. So…it’s been a while since I posted a skate comp. How about this one from 1983, released only on cassette by the folks in The Faction outta San Jose? Here we have … Continue reading

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Help Out John Stabb

One of the real problems with doing this blog is that I set some pretty firm standards with myself on not posting shit that is in print. There are a lot of sites out there that will post whole albums … Continue reading

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Get Smart! – Action Reaction

Get Smart! – Action Reaction (Fever Records) 1984. Get Smart! was a super-cool band from Lawrence KS who, along with the Micronotz and the Embarrassment, formed the holy trinity of Lawrence KS bands. I first heard them on my local … Continue reading

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