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Ronnie Gee – Raptivity

Ronnie Gee – Raptivity (Reflections Records) 1980. “Warning. The Surgeon General of Chill-town, New York has determined that the sounds you are about to hear can be devastating to your ear.” And so begins eleven and a half minutes of … Continue reading

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Mollesters – Plastic / I Am 7inch

The Mollesters – Plastic // I Am (Plurex Records) 1978. I thought about this crazy fucking single last week when I posted the Tits. What is it about Dutch punk? It is so sublimely retarded. Both of these tracks are … Continue reading

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Plastic Idols – Singles Demos and Live

Plastic Idols -Singles Demos and Live CD (Hotbox Review Records) 2007. I received this little gem from Bill Loner, the bass player from The Plastic Idols and I have been listening to it relentlessly. For those of you who haven’t … Continue reading

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Joachim Witt – Tri Tra Trullala / Geh’ Mal Vor

Joachim Witt – Joachim Witt – Tri Tra Trullala // Geh’ Mal Vor (Wea Records) 1981. This silly piece of NDW was on the now defunct, Mein Walkman ist Kaputt site. The songs are great in that uniquely German way. … Continue reading

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Vox Pop – Cab Driver

Vox Pop – Cab Driver // Just Like Your Mom (Bad Trip Records) 1980. Cab Driver is one of the true kbd classics. It was on the first Killed By Death compilation way back in the day. Flex says, “A … Continue reading

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The Tits – Daddy is My Pusher

The Tits – Daddy is My Pusher // I’m So Glad Elvis is Dead (Plurex Records) 1978. I went out last night and saw the new Brendan Gleeson/Colin Firth Farrell movie In Bruges. The reviews have been bad but I … Continue reading

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Nightmare in Punk Alley

Live at the Masque: Nightmare in Punk Alley (Hardcover) – by Brendan Mullen (Gingko Press – ISBN: 158423290-0). One of the downsides with ordering over Amazon is not being able to actually hold the item in your hands and look … Continue reading

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RIP Sean Finnegan

Sean Finnegan, drummer for the band VOID, died this week. He was 43 years old. That’s fucked up. I never knew Sean (or anyone from the DC hardcore scene) but it goes without saying that VOID was without a doubt, … Continue reading

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