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BIPP: French Synth Wave 79-85

BIPP: French Synth Wave 79-85 (Born Bad Records) 2006. As we all know, at some point in the late 1970′s, musicians who had first become enamoured with the idea of “punk rock”, and all the freedom that term brought with … Continue reading

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The Sword – Gods of the Earth

The Sword – Gods of the Earth (Kemado Records) 2008. OK, I get lots of indie shit in the mail. I try to listen to everything at least once but you would be amazed how much music being made out … Continue reading

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The Fall – Bingo Masters Breakout

The Fall – Bingo Masters Breakout / Psycho Mafia // Repetition (Step Forward) 1978. So I’m not the biggest fan of the Fall. I mean I love a lot of the stuff they have done and do consider myself a … Continue reading

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Suburban Reptiles

Suburban Reptiles – Megaton // Desert Patrol (Vertigo Records) 1977. Oh wow. This one is a fuckin’ doozy. This is the Suburban Reptiles first single and it is amazing. What we have in our hands here is a classic slice … Continue reading

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Rap Music

Back in June of 2006, I posted my first rap track on Last Days. Since then I occasionally post rap tracks and I’ve always contended that this stuff is the shit. The late 1970′s/early 1980′s were on one level all … Continue reading

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Con 800

So I haven’t posted in a while. Like Divine once said before eating a dog turd, “I got lotsa Female Trouble”. Wait….those are two separate movies. Anyhoo, said troubles are causing me to be too exhausted psychologically to write this … Continue reading

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RIP Mike Conley

Fuck this is getting tiresome. Another member of the elite liquidated to make room for more mediocre minds. Mike Conley, singer in the hardcore band M.I.A., fell in the ice up in Chicago and now is dead. This really sucks. … Continue reading

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