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Th’Inbred – A Family Affair

Th’Inbred – A Family Affair (Toxic Shock Records) 1986. – This one is a fucking gem. Man, Toxic Shock really was the last hope in 86. Between this and the Zero Boys reissue, they almost saved the day. But not … Continue reading

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Espasmódicos ‎– Recomendado Para Molestar A Su Vecino

Espasmódicos Enciendes Tu Motor // Estan Deseando Que Te Pongas A Te / Ni Eficacia Ni Progreso (Dro) 1982. Clearly, I am not fucking around. This is one of my favourite punk 45s from Spain and it’s from the Madrid … Continue reading

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Grandmixer Cuts it Up

Grandmixer – Cuts It Up (Celluloid Records ) 1982. The Grandmixer was one of the original DJs in the Bronx back in the day but he really didn’t start breaking through until after the initial wave of party jams … Continue reading

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Mats Olofsson – Raket, Raket

Mats Olofsson Raket, Raket // Silicon (?) 1981. Mats Olofsson released this gem and another entitled Rekordmagasinet in 1981. Both are considered new wave classics in Sweden. I prefer Raket, Raket. Its just one of those ridiculously catchy throwaway new … Continue reading

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Terveet Kädet

Terveet Kädet ‎– Terveet Kädet (Propaganda Records) 1983. I read one time that the band Discharge had the same effect on European kids that Minor Threat did on US kids. Now I don’t know if that’s necessarily true, but it … Continue reading

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Odd Stories

Odd Stories Hjvarten Av Glas // Like You / Dance(?) 1981. A Swedish obscurity. Not much is known about this mysterious band. But this 45 represents along with Mats Olofsson and Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons, a high point in … Continue reading

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Comp Tape From 1986

Recently I went digging through shit at my mom’s old house and came across an old tape in the basement. It was a piece of shit cassette that only I woulda bought back in the day. Probably at Radio Shack … Continue reading

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Teenage Jesus and the Jerks – Baby Doll

Teenage Jesus and The Jerks – Baby Doll // Freud in Flop, Race Mixing (Lust and Unlust) 1979. A friend of mine recently told me that if he personally knew Lydia Lunch she would probably really get on his nerves. … Continue reading

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Go Go Crankin’

Go Go Crankin’ – Various (Island Records) 1985. I think George Clinton once described soul music as a “ham hock in your cornflakes”. This most apt description could easily be applied to the go-go music scene of 1980′s era DC. … Continue reading

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Tales of Terror

Tales of Terror – Self Titled (CD Presents) 1984. Ahhh………Tales of Terror. You knew at some point I would post this monster. Problem is I don’t have my copy anymore which leaves me very depressed. Luckily Bob at had … Continue reading

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