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The Zeros – Beat Your Heart Out 7inch

The Zeros – Beat your Heart Out // Wild Weekend (Bomp) 1978. This one goes out to Mike, Otto, Ben, RG, Texas Bell-End, Tom G and Scott. It’s the second Zeros 45 and it’s not as good as the first … Continue reading

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Endangered Species Box Set

Endangered Species (Glitterhouse Records) 1990: And lo and behold it came to pass in that most holy year of 1990 that a box set was released upon the world. A box set of such collectible magnitude that record dorks near … Continue reading

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Metal Urbain – Hysterie Connective

Metal Urbain – Hysterie Connective | Pop Poubelle (Radarscope Angleterre) 1978. One of the greatest releases of the last few years has gotta be Anarchy in Paris, released in 2004 on Seltzer’s Acute Records label. I mean, is there a … Continue reading

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Yuppie Pricks – Balls

Yuppie Pricks – Balls (Chicken Ranch Records) 2008. It had to be more than just coincidence that caused the new album by Yuppie Pricks to arrive at the Last Days of Man on Earth World HQ. Had to be. I … Continue reading

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Condemned To Death

Condemned To Death – Self Titled 7inch EP (r radical records) 1984. A while back I posted some Tales of Terror and Malfeitor as well a number of other folks started name-checking a band called Condemned To Death that I … Continue reading

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Davy DMX – One For The Treble

Davy DMX – One For The Treble (Tuff City) 1984. Davy DMX was a very prolific figure in the early days of rap who had his hands in a lot of different projects. He produced some early Spoonie Gee and … Continue reading

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The Melvins – Oven

The Melvins – Oven | Revulsion/We Reach (Leopard Gecko) 1989. Jaysus! Does anyone remember when Ozma came out? I do that’s fer shure. I know, I know…Gluey Porch Treatments was the first LP but let’s face it, unless you were … Continue reading

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The Monochrome Set – 10 Don’ts for Honeymooners

Monochrome Set -10 Don’ts for Honeymooners // Straits of Malacca (PRE) 1981. I could do a write-up on The Monochrome Set and explain how brilliant they are from both a musical and lyrical perspective. I could go on to explain … Continue reading

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Strychnine – Pas Facile / Lache Moi

Strychnine – Pas Facile // Lache Moi (AZ/1 765) 1980. Strychnine were a GREAT punk rock band from the Bordeaux region in France in the late 1970s. I don’t know much about them other than they were featured in a … Continue reading

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Tinopeners – Set Me Free / I’m Not Your Type

Tinopeners – Set Me Free // I’m Not Your Type (Logo GO 375) 1979. So what was it about punk rock from Belfast? The theory would go that in a city torn asunder by occupation and terrorism, the kids would … Continue reading

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