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Models – Freeze

Models – Freeze // Man of the Year (Step Forward Records) 1977. Another early entry into the also-rans and the almost-wuzzes, these are The Models with their one and only release from 1977 and it’s pretty damn good. The A-Side … Continue reading

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TJ Swann & Pee Wee Mel – Maximus Party

TJ Swann & Peewee Mel – Maximus Party (Express Records) 1981. How about some old school the way it should sound, for a perfect Saturday afternoon? You’ve encountered one of these cats before. TJ Swann is that you? Shooby-dooby-dooby-doo. But … Continue reading

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Look Blue Go Purple – LBGPEP2

Look Blue Go Purple – LBGPEP2 Cactus Cat, Grace // 100 Times, Winged Rumour, Hiawatha (Flying Nun Records) 1987. Another one of my favourite early releases on the Flying Nun label out of New Zealand, Look Blue Go Purple were … Continue reading

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Subway Sect – Nobody’s Scared

Subway Sect – Nobody’s Scared // Don’t Split It (BRAIK Records) 1978. Coming out of the original 1977 UK punk rock explosion, the Subway Sect did not feel the need to hammer you over the head with their rage and … Continue reading

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Arrigo Barnabe – Clara Crocodilo

Arrigo Barnabe – Clara Crocodilo (Nosso Estudio) 1980. Definitely not for the faint of heart, this crazy-assed 1980 release from Brazil makes the Patife Band sound like Mr Mister. Essentially it’s a jazz concept album which I know sounds absolutely … Continue reading

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Art Object – Ride The Metro

Art Object – Ride The Metro (Constant Motion Records) 1980. This is an excellent slice of US Art-Punk weirdness that spans the gamut from total experimental no wave noise to a proto-hardcore song. Along with Chinas Comidas, it’s also another … Continue reading

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Bored Games – Who Killed Colonel Mustard?

BoredGames – Who Killed Colonel Mustard? Happy Endings, I Don’t Get It // Joe 90, Bridesmaid (Flying Nun Records) 1982. The Bored Games were a very early Flying Nun band out of New Zealand. It was also the first band … Continue reading

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Martin and the Brownshirts – Taxi Driver

Martin and the Brownshirts -Taxi Driver // Boring (Lightning Records) 1978. This is a classic work of insane genius. Martin and the Brownshirts were from Chester, UK and really came at the punk thing with a pretty skewered sense of … Continue reading

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Skate Death – You Break It You Buy It

Skate Death – You Break It You Buy It (Bullhead Records) 1985. We all would have loved Skate Death back in the day. It’s the kind of thing that would not have been out of place on the Blazing Wheels … Continue reading

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Z-3 MCs – Triple Threat

Z-3 MCs – Triple Threat (Beauty and the Beat Records) 1985. So yeah, I haven’t done a hip-hop post in a while and that is largely due to the fact, that unlike punk rock, hip-hop had a very limited run … Continue reading

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