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Biz Markie – The Biz Is Goin’ Off

Biz Markie – The Biz Is Goin Off (Vocal) // The Biz Is Goin Off (Dub) (Cold Chillin’ Records) 1988. If ever there was an artist that doesn’t get the respect he deserves it was Biz Markie. And that may … Continue reading

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Evergreen 7inch

Evergreen -1980, Wholeness of the Soul, Precious // Fall, Empty World (Self Destruct Records) 1992. This is a ridiculously good hardcore / post-hardcore 45 that I would never in a million years have listened to if it weren’t for the … Continue reading

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LDoMoE Podcast #11 -18/10/2009 Stumblemix

Well my inbox has hit critical mass yet again with new releases and it’s time to share the best and the brightest with a Fall Edition of the Stumblemix. LDoMoE Podcast #11 -18/10/2009 Stumblemix for those who are counting. And … Continue reading

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RIP Brendan Mullen

Brendan Mullen suffered a massive stroke today and died in Los Angeles Hospital. I am really upset about this. For those who don’t know who he was and what he accomplished, I suggest you read the obit in Variety. It … Continue reading

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Bay of Pigs – Addiction / Aliens

Bay of Pigs – Addiction // Aliens (Subterranean Records) 1980. Another great 7inch from the post-punk paradise that was San Francisco circa 1980. At the risk of sounding wildly off base, let me state that this single by Bay of … Continue reading

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X-Ray Spex – Identity

X Ray Spex – Identity // Lets Submerge (EMI Records) 1978. Continuing my run of classic UK punk 45s, this is X-Ray Spex with Identity. Was there ever a more literate and wise 20 year old than Poli Styrene? Don’t … Continue reading

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