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Last Four (4) Digits – Big Picture

Last Four (4) Digits – Big Picture EP – Fast Friends, Coughing Up Blood // City Streets, Another Sex Crime, (Hardly Music Records) 1980. I recently drove through Indiana on my way to Ohio and I just don’t get it. … Continue reading

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Stranglers – Grip/London Lady

Stranglers – (Get a) Grip (on Yourself) // London Lady (United Artists Records) 1977. Another in my series of UK punk rock classic 7inches, this may be just about the most perfect thing ever recorded. The A Side entitled “Grip” … Continue reading

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TAR – Teetering / The In-Crowd

TAR – Teetering // The In-Crowd (Touch & Go Records) 1992. Ahhhh yes, TAR. Another of the lesser known bands on the Am Rep roster and definitely part of the Midwestern 1990s noise rock scene. For more background on that … Continue reading

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Abwärts ‎– Computerstaat

Abwärts ‎– Computerstaat – Computerstaat, Japan // Moon Of Alabama, Wir Warten, Nach Haus (Zick Zack Records) 1979. Not much information is available about Abwärts in English on the web so if any German readers can help fill in the … Continue reading

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The Ruts – Jah War

The Ruts – Jah War // I Ain’t Sophisticated (Virgin Records) 1979. No other single by The Ruts better captures the duality of the band than Jah War. A couple of other Ruts 7inches combine a reggae side and a … Continue reading

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United Mutation – Rainbow Person

United Mutation – Rainbow Person Infinite Regression, Fat Louie, Take Your Pick // Zone, Manna (DSI Records) 1985. Chances are that if you haven’t heard United Mutation and you are being introduced to them by this post, that you may … Continue reading

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