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RIP Rowland S. Howard

Rowland S, Howard, the guitar player for the Birthday Party and Crime and the City Solution as well as numerous amazing collaborations, died of liver cancer yesterday at 50. He was a big influence on me. While growing up in … Continue reading

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Lovebug Starski & The Harlem World Crew – Positive Life

Lovebug Starski & The Harlem World Crew – Positive Life (Vocal) // Positive Life (Instrumental) (Tayster Records) 1981. Another classic by the Little Starski, this is one of the last party records ever recorded and it definitely goes out with … Continue reading

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Russian Meatsquats – Lets Hang Out!

Russian Meatsquats – Lets Hang Out! (Whoopsie Kerplonk Records) 1986. In the annals of musical history dating from the dawn of time, when cavemen crafted makeshift stringed instruments from the decayed lining of mastodon entrails, to the current era, what … Continue reading

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F-Systems – People / Naked Kiss

F-Systems – People // Naked Kiss (Classified Records) 1980. A great slice of new wave punk from Austin, Texas. F-Systems were peers of KBD favourites The Standing Waves and The Inserts and were on the same Classified Records label. Both … Continue reading

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Swiz – Down

Swiz – Down – Much, Time // Cause, Lie (Hellfire Records) 1987. When I was 16 I was pretty obsessed with Can I Say by Dag Nasty. At the time it seemed like such a huge step forward for hardcore. … Continue reading

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Kate Fagan – Waiting For The Crisis

Kate Fagan – I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool // Waiting For The Crisis (Disturbed Records) 1980. Not to be confused with a current folk singer of the same name, Kate Fagan released this awesome 7inch in 1980 in Chicago. … Continue reading

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