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Von Beat – Nuke Wave Music

Von Beat – Synthetic Environment // Of Course I Care (VVV Records) 1981. I’ve finally gotten around to uploading some more stuff so I should have a string of posts here for a bit. Hmmmm….what colossal, epic extract of musical … Continue reading

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Stun Guns – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Murder

Stun Guns – I Can’t Believe it’s Not Murder, Brand New Year // Hitman, Bullet in the Head (Starcrunch Records) 1995. Y’know something that is just totally under-represented on this site is punk rawk from the 1990′s. Why is this? … Continue reading

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The Endtables – Process of Elimination

Endtables – Process of Elimination (Drag City Records) 2010. A lot has already been said on various interweb sources about The Endtables recently. See, Drag City has recently released a compilation of the bands material that includes all six songs … Continue reading

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LDoMoE Podcast #13 -16/05/2010 Stumblemix

Another season, another Last Days of Man on Earth podcast. This represents the fourth one, which if you’re doing your math, means I’ve been doing this for a year now. Shit, time flies when you are having fun. This one … Continue reading

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