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Pre Fix – Underneathica / Ectomorphine

Pre Fix – Underneathica // Ectomorphine (Subterranean Records) 1981. One of the more obscure acts on the amazing Subterranean label out of the post-punk paradise that was San Francisco in the early 1980s, Pre-Fix were actually a Tuscon, AZ band. … Continue reading

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Attack Under Attack – Los Alamos

Attack Under Attack – Los Alamos // Operating Instructions (J&J Records) 1982. Jeff and Jane Hudson were two of the three original RENTALS, a band that formed in the fall of 1977 in Boston, and subsequently released their first single … Continue reading

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Idoli – Maljčiki / Retko Te Viđam Sa Devojkama

Idoli – Maljčiki / Retko Te Viđam Sa Devojkama (Jugoton Records) 1981. Ahhhhhh Idoli. What to do with them? One of the bands that the mysterious Neso introduced me to way back in 2007 when I got schooled in the … Continue reading

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Strangulated Beatoffs – Shake Your Dick

Strangulated Beatoffs – Shake Your Dick // Strangle Me (Firefighter Records) 1988. Man I can’t believe it took me so long to post something by these guys. One of the finest ensembles to ever come from my hometown of Saint … Continue reading

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Henriette Coulouvrat – Rockin’ on the Red Book

Henriette Coulourvat -Rockin’ on the Red Book // Paddy Field (MM Records) 1979. What the fuck is this? Well it’s a totally whacked out French-synth obscurity, that’s what. Back in the day when all the whacked out synth obscurities had … Continue reading

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