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The Sturgeons – Punk Rock Virgins

Sturgeons – Punk Rock Virgins // Forward Disorder (Social Blemish Records) 1980. Here’s an old KBD single from Canada that has a Skinnies, Normals, Bureaucrats, maybe even Stiff Little Fingers feel to it. What was it with those Canadians? So … Continue reading

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The Philosophic Collage

The Philosophic Collage – Genius, Planned Obsolesence // Toxic Poppies, Headline Deadline (American Aesthetic Industries, LTD) 1981. One of my favourite post-punk, no-wave obscurities and it comes from my hometown of Saint Louis. Have you ever heard of this? Probably … Continue reading

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Normal Man – That Joyless Vibe

Normal Man – That Joyless Vibe (self-released cassette) 2010. I can’t begin to describe how good this Normal Man release is. In a fair world, Normal Man from Leeds, UK would be wearing Meat Dresses to the VMAs while Lady … Continue reading

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Straight A’s – Self Help

Straight A’s – Self Help (Noise Pollution Records) 2010. The Straight A’s first full-length is a real headfuck of a record. It goes in a million different directions and does so effortlessly. Having been a fan of the A’s since … Continue reading

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Partysnäks (Ink Records) 1982. Some mysteries just need to be solved and one such mystery is the one surrounding Bera Maor who recorded the excellent song Männer on this obscure NDW compilation from 1982. The story goes that Bera Maor … Continue reading

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Homosexuals – Hearts in Exile

Homosexuals – Hearts in Exile // Soft South African (Lorelei Records) 1978. A band name that was destined to alienate the punters if ever there was one. A real case of planned obsolescence. To quote the liner notes of the … Continue reading

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86 – Useless / Behind My Back

86 – Useless // Behind My Back (OHP Records) 1983. Very sad, spartan music from the heart of the south. Atlanta’s 86 specialized in a sort of empty, melodic post-punk and no better example of it exists than this first … Continue reading

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Nocturnal Projections – Nerve Ends in Power Lines

Nocturnal Projections – Nerve Ends In Power Lines // In Purgatory (Self Released) 1982. Absolutely amazing band from New Zealand that a lot of folks in the States at least, are completely unaware of. I first heard them on the … Continue reading

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Šarlo Akrobata – Ona Se Budi / Mali Covek

Sarlo Akrobata – Ona Se Budi // Mali Covek (Jugoton Records) 1981. A solid 7inch by the great post-punk hope of Yugoslavia, Šarlo Akrobata. I suspect the A-Side of this single was a bid for commercial acceptance. It’s New Wave … Continue reading

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LDoMoE Podcast #15 -04/09/2010 Stumblemix

It’s so sad, when you lose the one you love…. What the fuck just happened!?! So Last Days went down. I could go into a lot of explanation as to what happened but to hell with it, I’m on a … Continue reading

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