LDoMoE Podcast #2 – Happy Freakin’ Birthday To Me

So get this…Last Days of Man on Earth is officially one year old today. Not only that but this is the 100th post for LDoMoE. Coincidence? I think not. You are dealing with a pro here. I planned this.

Its been an interesting year. I started doing this because I was a huge fan of a couple other blogs. Tesco Suicide at 100 Records, Bret at Post Punk Junk, Eric at Something I Learned Today and Malfeitor at Dressed For The H-Bomb all were huge influences on me. I used to check thier blogs daily at work during downtimes and started thinking, hey if they can do this…why can’t I? Now, SILT alone stands as the last extant influence on this site. .

Problem is, after a while you start running out of things to post. I mean, how many different ways can one post Dicks Hate Police? What do you do at that point? Pack up and call it a day?

The first real Last Days of Man On Earth podcast is below (I did one for Mutant Sounds a few posts back, but it was kinda like a tribute or something). It’s a little bigger than I expected so I zipped it as a RAR file. Download and unzip and voila….there you have it. Eventually, I am hoping to stream these but that’s in the (hopefully) near future.

I would appreciate feedback on it. Hearing myself is kinda painful. I think I sound like a cross between Chris Farley and an NPR radio broadcaster….but it is fun to essentially be making mixtapes again. That’s how it all started….

LDoMoE Podcast #2 – Happy Freakin’ Birthday To Me

Last Days of Man on Earth – The Urinals
(Drowning out the) Big jets – Action Pact!
The Glory Of Man – Minutemen
Bezim Niz Ulicu – Bezobrazno Zeleno
Headache For Michelle – The Au Pairs
Slave Girl – Lime Spiders
the independent hitter – Armand Schaubroeck Steals
Out Of Control – Legal Weapon
Kick Her In The Dirt – Big Balls & The Great White Idiot
No One – Necros
Commie Control – C.I.A.
M16 – The Descendents
Reject Yourself – 100 Flowers
Moonshake – Can
Burger King Town – Krack House
Big Shot – The Bonzo Dog Band
No Shine for the Shoes – Plasticland
The Other Side – Moving Targets
Marbles – Tindersticks
Fix Me – The Joneses
Greatest Gift Scratch Acid
Police Oppression – Angelic Upstarts
Unnatural Silence – The Pattern
Outside Of Time – Von LMO
Snap It Around – 48 Chairs
I Tell Lies Everyday – Black Randy & The Metrosquad
He Was A Big Freak – Betty Davis

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13 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #2 – Happy Freakin’ Birthday To Me

  1. Slobodan Burgher says:

    well happy birthday to you then (yesterday?),

    hey, is that a pint of beer with your hamburger? ride on!

    file sharing or blogging – hm, tough one. I am sure i would be more a filesharer than a blogger then!

    not sure if what you wrote was slightly snobbish or not (guess that was not your intention anyway) but i am starting to notice among the socalled “super rare HC vinyl” bloggers a slight tendancy towards snobbery….

    you know comments things like: “it doesnt take much intelligence to post a whole record with a generic line or two”

    As a selfconfessed filesharer according to your description whenever i write about something on my “blog” it is usually only of my own personal relation to a record and i never get any feedback to that, so i guess i am just doing it because its fun…

    i would never post anything if i wasn’t listening to it that day or was in some sort of obsession about a band or a comp or something – hence on my blog now there’s lots of scandi crust hc comps which i have been listening to recently etc. sometimes i will write something but many times i’ll just post the godamn thing and hopefully someone else will be interested enough to grab it and have as much pleasure from it as I (based on the download stats – surprisingly few people bother – highest ever was like 80 downloads and that was for some ultra generic punk record like black flag or something)

    i like to think of this as championing “MY MUSIC” because few of my “real” friends listen to similar music, and by doing so perhaps get to know more about music etc from others on the net

    and whenever i want to do qualitative writing i do that NOT on my blog but look for other places for that – for me the blog has from the beginning simply been a silly past time to write myself out from the days obsession about amebix or whatever…not some sort of hyper serious record collectors essay exploring the musical linkage between fucking cro mags and joes garage band (ohio) or whatever.

    am my blog not a blog then? frankly i dont give a fuck. there is more to life than the internet.

    sorry to go on about this here but i am sure you dont mind – this is what comments are for imo

    thanks for a great blog (some i read some i dont) and great music too (some i grab some i dont)

    best regards,


  2. Joe Stumble says:

    “it doesnt take much intelligence to post a whole record with a generic line or two” — just want to clarify…I NEVER said that. That is stupid. In fact, that sounds like MXV.

    I also do NOT consider myself a record collector. Note my discussion with Erich on the subject. I’m doing this because I am NOT a record collector. I could give a fuck about limited edition blue vinyl whateverthafuck….I just want to hear the music and I assume a lot of other people do to. I also hope that I am not a “super-rare HC vinyl guy” as well there is a lot of other shit on here thatn HC.

    File sharing — got no problem with it but it’s different than writing no? Blogging is writing to a degree…posting records with a link is sharing. Not making a value judgement on them, just noting the difference. There is nothing wrong with file sharing. I hate the music industry as much as you do.

    So no snobbery here. I do this because I like to listen to and talk about music. Unlike you, the only place I do any quality writing is on this….I’m too busy to do it anywhere else. Like you said, “there is more to life than the internet”.

    By the way…I added your site to the right. Forgot to do it a while back.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Stumble. You definately are a HHFHH.

  4. Slobodan Burgher says:

    hey did not mean to hit out at you or whatever, simply offering my own lame thoughts influenced by what you wrote there…and yeah see what you mean and agree with it as well (in the discussion with kbd & erich)…not sure what i can add to this now but by simply stating again (?) that I like your blog and keep up the cool work and writing etc – nevermind the linking biz I forget all the time too!


  5. Joe Stumble says:

    No worries man! I appreciate the comments.

  6. b. brown says:

    Happy 1st/100th, Joe! I’ve said before that you were an influence on my blog, and you continue to be. Keep it up, seriously.

    I dig your comments. I’m not sure if I qualify as a record collector. My “collection” is rather large, and some of it is rare, I suppose, but I’m not gay for colored slabs and first pressings, etc. I will NEVER let packaging/edition take precedence over the actual music (unless the packaging is way better than the music, in which case I’ll put my wallet back in my jeans). I created my blog so I could find some like-minded music fans, and so far, the experience has been insanely worthwhile. I’m glad to be a link on your blogroll.

  7. Erich says:

    Congratulations from the snobbish collector that I’m not. Ha!

  8. Joe Stumble says:

    Thanks Erich…I have learned that unless I speak solely about music, I seemingly offend the shit out of the readers with any post I make…next year I will say this: “I have been around 2 years. Thanks everybody.” Nothing else.

    In all seriousness…BBrown, Erich…if any of you were “Record Collector Snobs” you wouldn’t be on the internet giving away your music for free. I thought that was an obvious fact so I didn’t bother saying it before.

  9. b. brown says:

    Ha, I guess my words came out wrong. I wanted to give you props for keeping it real with music, in agreeance with your comments on collecting versus just simply loving music. I’m glad I’ve found a crew of gents online such as yourself who love it just as much, or maybe even more, than myself. Seriously, keep up the good stuff.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations for your excelent work Joe, and please, carry on with the podcast thing, cos this one leaves me in a permanent state of bliss; It’s a constant on my mp3 player. You know, I’m not going to run to purchase any Krack House cds, but the rest is fantastic, aside from diverse.

    I linked a former post of you for a list I made for rateyourmusic.com, I hope you won’t mind.
    It’s here:


    Thanks again!!!

  11. Joe Stumble says:

    Anon – This comment made my day. Thanks man for the positive feedback. New podcast coming soon and this time no Krackhouse!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a million for this one Joe. You’ve helped me to relive my misspent youth, and post-youth for that matter. It’s also nice to have a few informative comments that relate to the history of the music as well. A lot of journalists – i.e. people who are paid good money to relate facts to others – seem to get it all wrong when it comes to this particular area. So keep up the good work and belated birthday greetings.

  13. Joe Stumble says:

    I think the reason why journalists get this shit wrong so much is because mainstream journalism has increasingly become a tool to sell things. If Time Warner owns Band X’s back catalog, then when Band X releases a career retrospective, Time Warner is going to give it a good review. Journalists start tossing around words like “seminal” on bands that just don’t merit it…Echhhhhhh!

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words anon. This music hit me at a very personal level at a very young age and has affected every decision I have ever made since. Even if people don’t agree with my opinions, I believe they can sense that I am sincere (and not trying to sell something).

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