Teezar – Backstage Pass

Teezar – Backstage Pass (Self Released) 1978. Due to overwhelming response (well actually 4 comments, maybe just a whelming response), I have decided to post the entire Teezar discography. I will also tell you everything I personally know about this mysterious band.

Teezar was formed by Scuzz Denimz and Rokk Steddy from Florrisant, MO in 1976. their biggest influence was April Wine.

Brian Eno once said about the Velvet Underground, that though the VU “only sold a few hundred albums, everyone who bought a copy formed their own band”. This quote could also apply to Teezar. The first LP came out in 1978. It was entitled Backstage Pass and it featured 12 songs of what Rokk Steddy referred to as “solid gold rockin dynamite”. Track two (Livin The Life of a Rokker) for instance, predates the Hollywood glam sound by about 5 years with its Looks That Kill Crue vibe. More impressive is the rap segment in the middle of Dirty Bandage. If rap officially began in 1979 with the release of Rappers Delight by the Sugarhill Gang, how do you explain this release from 1978?

Say its the doin of the devils hand…no way!
Its the sin and sacrifice of my rokk-n-roll band….and its so grand

Reign of Rokk – 1978

Its a shock to realize that rap music was created by two white rockers from Florrisant, MO USA in 1978. An even bigger shock is the tender ballad Layin My Love On The Line. Note how Teezar manages to walk the line betwen Meatloaf inspired bombast and balls out AC/DC rocking on this track

The pinnacle of Backstage Pass however,is the “Rokk Tryptch” which constitutes the last three songs on the LP. Its an ambitious way to end an already stellar LP and unfortunately it was all downhill for Teezar after this. They had climbed heights generally reserved for the Gods and would eventually pay dearly for their hubris.

Teezar spent 1979-1983 touring the USA. They hit all the big spots….Fargo ND, Grand Junction CO, Parkersburg WV, Nashua NH. By the time they returned to St Louis, they had entire tomes written about their Bachanallian road exploits. Unfortunately, they also had developed serious drug habits that affected both their playing and their judgement.

She digs guys in spandex and studs
She dont smoke dope but she’ll drink some Buds

Rokk-n-Roll Jezebel — 1983

Bakk On The Road was their follow-up to Bakkstage Pass. It was a disappointing follow-up to their amazing first LP but at the same time, I believe it is due for a critical re-evaluation. Released in 1983, it was truly a product of its time. As an extra bonus, I have added the outtake Rokkin’ Queen which constitutes the first appearance of Chuck Teeze.

Chuck Teeze was a roadie for the band who eventually started playing a bigger part in Teezar as Scuzz and Rokk began to focus more on their drug habits than their music. In fact, Rokk was so strung out on prescription painkillers that he is not even on Rokkin’ Queen. Chuck Teeze is a controversial figure to Teezar historians. Some view him as a Yoko-type figure. Others see him as a shaman.

I have also added two live cuts from 1985 which feature Chuck Teeze along with Scuzz and Rokk. Unfortunately, these two songs are evidence that much of the fire that had once burned so brightly in Teezar had flickered out. Rokkin in the Wasteland, a Chuck Teeze composition, is especially painful due to its overly simplistic and earnest environmental message.

In 1989, I tracked both Scuzz and Rokk down. They were living together in a trailer in DeSoto, Missouri. All they had left was a beat up drum set, a 50 dollar Harmony guitar and a 3 string bass. I brought a tascam 4 track with me and asked them if they had any new songs. They agreed to record for me if I bought them three containers of Nyquil, a carton of Dorals and a six pack of Stag beer. The last two tracks are from that aborted session. Its a sad ending for a band that had changed the face of rock.

The whereabouts of Scuzz Denimz today are unknown. Last heard from, he was a production assistant in the porn industry with a serious meth habit. Rokk Steddy unfortunately died a few years ago after a three week Oxy Contin binge. Chuck Teeze is now a self made millionaire and has tried to distance himself from his rockin past

So all we have left of Teezar are these amazing recordings. Before Spinal Tap…before Motley Crue…before Tenacious D, there was Teezar layin the rock on the line. They lived and died for rock-n-roll. They loved beer and groupies and drugs. But most of all they loved their fans. They were icons in an age when heroes don’t matter anymore. Long live Teezar!

Bakkstage Pass (1978)

Rokkin On
Livin The Life of A Rokker
Backstage Pass
Undercover Rokk-n-Roller
Livin Easy On The Street Of Dreams
Dirty Bandage
Rokk Partake
After The Show
Layin My Love on the Line
Giver of Rokk
Written Word of Rokk
Reign of Rokk

Bakk on the Road (1983)

Bakk on the Road
Rokk The Night Away
Rokk-N-Roll Jezebel
Livin Thru The Heartbreak

Unreleased Tracks

Rokkin Queen (Bakk on the Road outtake w/ Chuck Teeze)
Rokk-n-Roll Retribution (Live 1985)
Rokkin In The Wasteland (Live 1985 w/ Chuck Teeze on vocals)
Rokk On By (Final 4-Track Recording 1989)
She’s a Teezar (Final 4-Track Recording 1989)

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24 Responses to Teezar – Backstage Pass

  1. imibly says:

    you fuckers think this is good? this is fly shit compared to dead meat


  2. rokker says:

    what im in awe of is the fact that this project is no “weekend 4-track session”. these songs too time to write and arrange! also, it is not being promoted. this truly is a mystery which makes it that much greater. very inspiring.

    i wouldn’t at all be surprised if teezar were jack white or the like.

  3. Empire Hancock says:

    While I doubt the backstory somewhat ( ;) ), it really doesn’t matter. This is both hilarious and facemeltingly, ballstompingly rokkin. Love the blatant Zep quotes on “Written Word of Rokk”. I can only hope “Rokk On By” has something to do with a certain Dionne Warwick tune…

  4. Anonymous says:

    sweet baby jesus. this band RULES!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hell, yeah! This is the shit. Too much “serious” stuff getting posted on these punk blogs and not enough of the real dirt like this. Anyone heard the band “Rokker” that put out a punk LP in the late 70′s?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is that story for real or is this some band you and your friends concocted in your basement last week? Can’t believe I’ve never heard of them. Either way these guys rule!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rock and Roll Jezebel came out in 1983 but they use the slogan “just say no” and mention Great White and Motley Crue. These guys really were ahead of their time! I suspect a hoax.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ive always heard this bands name dropped when uber-scum hard rock freaks try to one-up eachother. its usually followed by a round of “phews” & heads shaking & eyes rolling…just listened to the first few tracks… this is VISIONARY stuff; right up there with Christ Child. my compliments!!

  9. zuzu says:

    Rokk n Roll baby!

  10. Joe Stumble says:

    Anon #2 – I wanna hear Rokker. I’m bettin they are from the midwest.

    Anon #3 – The story is 100 percent real to the best of my knowledge….which is very limited.

    Anon #3 – You are correct. Maybe the disappointing 2nd LP came out in 85 and the live recordings are from 87?

    Anon #4 – True hard rock afficionados know which side their bread is buttered on. Teezar casts a tall shadow over all rock-n-roll.

    ZuZu — Baby, you rokk-n-roll!

  11. Erich says:

    wow – this left me speechless! hahaha

  12. stevemedigod says:


    thank you for posting

  13. Anonymous says:

    holy turds! instant piss!!! I live in St Louis and grew up in DeSoto, Mo. Never heard of this, but thanks, total fucking Gnarl/carn.

  14. Blank Crisis says:

    hoax or no, I’ve listened to this thing for several days straight now. thanks LDOMOE!!!

  15. dale says:

    I don’t even care if this is a temporal hoax. These guys came to do one thing: rokk. It could have been released last year and I wouldn’t care. These recordings might be horribly produced and performed but in them there’s an unmaimable musical brilliance.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant stuff here. This is the soundtrack to a Budweiser and meth binge.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is so beautiful. But I think a hoax… note the use of digital delay on “Layin my love on the line”. Not exactly 1978 technology. hehe

  18. pius says:

    This is one of the greatest things I have ever found on the internet. Easily.

  19. Ryan says:

    This is, no doubt, a hoax and I’m sure the perpetrators are giggling at how many have been suckered by it, as well they should: sounds like they put a lot of effort into it. BUT come on, if you believe the story, you really don’t know much about rock and roll. That being said, it’s funny and good to rock out to. How come nobody has mentioned the ridiculous photoshopped ‘photos’ of the members above? That’s, er, a tip off if I ever saw one.

  20. PB says:

    Totally underrated band!

    I saw them open for Ace Frehley back in the day. They totally upstaged Ace! I can’t believe these guys never hit it big.

  21. Joe says:


    I believe the members of Teezar are standing in front of the St Louis Arch in the photo you are referrring to.

  22. RapFanatic says:

    I’m offended when people say that rap is crap now. It is getting watered down and melding with pop in many areas. This happens to all styles, but musical fusion, is the base of new genres! Crooked I, appeared on a new track, you wouldn’t normally hear him on, as a prime example. Just google Kryptik – V.I.P Ft. Crooked I disease meat

  23. FakeRockers says:

    This is not real….yet the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard.

  24. Tristan in Austin says:

    I figured it out- this is the guys from Old Skull who made the CIA Drug Fest album. “Living Easy on the Streets of Dreams” makes it obvious, but also Old Skull arent just kids anymore- that was decades ago. The lead singer used to do the same thing as in that song and it is almost identical to one of their old songs.
    If I had money I’d bet it was late 80s Old Skull members and the Missing Foundation crowd that put this together

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