LDoMoE Podcast #4 – The First Scene of the Crime

So last week I had this amazingly kick ass podcast put together. It was an hour of Irish punk rock in honor of St Paddys Day. I betcha didn’t know that Stumble is an Irish name eh? Actually my mom’s last name is Fitzsimmons so put that in yer pipe and smoke it

Anyway, St Paddys Day was a bust. I got ticketed by the man on the St Louis public transit for jumping trains and my computer crashed leaving me post-less and podcast-less for Paddy’s Day. Luck O’ The Irish indeed.

Monday was cool though. I got to be on a local radio show called Scene of The Crime on the uber-great KDHX. I have ripped this show into two separate podcasts. One is available below. The second half will be available in two weeks.

LDoMoE Podcast #4 – The First Scene of the Crime

Special Sale – Screamin’ Mee-Mees
A.C.Y.D. – Prefecture
Came Without Warning – Scream
Beach Song – Dead Milkmen
Last Days of Man on Earth – Urinals
——– ——– ——– ——–
Two Steps Back – The Fall
Joy Toy – Stick Men
Insanity – L-Seven
Out – Liquid Liquid
——– ——– ——– ——–
Sunday Night Disorientation – Strike Under
Sheep – Clit Boys
Tourist Riot – The Squids
Alternative Suicide – The Numbers
I Wanna Be A Nark – Black Randy & The Metrosquad
The Waiting Room – The Mediators
——– ——– ——– ——–
Seventh World – Sleepers
We Don’t Need the English- Bags
Permanent Vacation – New Models

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Joe

    Thanks for all the fine punk rock (and post-punk) you’ve been posting. Some people think, and I quote, that ‘punk is junk’ and that it’s music for morons. They couldn’t be more wrong. The discourse of punk is a discourse of eternal wisdom. Check out the lyrics to Paid Vacation by the Circle Jerks: ‘This ain’t Vietnam, just another oil company scam’ or Neutron Bomb by the Weirdos: ‘United Nations and NATO won’t do, it’s just the red, white and blue’. Sounds kinda contemporary in light of recent foreign policy decisions, don’t it? Bush should listen to some punk, it might jar his brain into action.

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