Dwight Twilley – Sincerely

Dwight Twilley – Sincerely (Shelter) 1976. Another LP I picked up for a buck somewhere. Dwight Twilley would be the other great musical export from Tulsa (besides NOTA – very different). This album is not something I would have picked up for anything more than a dollar because frankly, Dwight looks like Shawn Cassidy on this LP. And yes, we alt-rock hipster types are just as prone to being superficial as anyone else. Now of course, Dwight could be in The Strokes, so whatthafuck?

After listening to the album, I would have gladly paid a LOT more for it. It’s brilliant. It’s powerpop in the best sense…and alot more. Dwight and his buddy Phil Seymour were trying to combine thier two favorite types of music, rockabilly and 60′s pop with this record. Listen to the echo on the drum track on I’m on Fire. It’s pure Sun Records. It’s also got this great lo-fi element because a lot of it was recorded on Phil and Dwight’s 4-Track. It Could Be Love uses a primitive drum machine (and the Sesame Street theme) to great effect. There are also pure powerpop tracks like You Were So Warm that just jump out of the set. Ohhh..and the proto-punk rockabilly of T.V.

This is one of the most creative, inventive rock albums I have ever heard and its perfect for this time of year. I would easily put it up there with the first Big Star LP and The Real Kids. Dwight Twilley went on to record another great album with Phil Seymour and then I believe they parted ways. Phil Seymour ended up dying very young of cancer. Just like NOTA though, the first Dwight Twilley album represents a certain element of the Tulsa musical character. They don’t care where they are from, they go in the studio and record as if they have all the resources in the world. If you don’t get to hear it, its your loss…..

I’m On Fire
Could Be Love
Feeling In The Dark
You Were So Warm
I’m Losing You
Release Me
Three Persons
Baby Let’s Cruise
Just Like The Sun

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2 Responses to Dwight Twilley – Sincerely

  1. The Squeegee says:

    THANKS for that fine slab o’ American Twilly-billy pop-rock… :-) I too am not into most quote/unquote powerpop but do have a soft spot for this sorta stuff, esp. since I spent my teen years round the midwest… now I’m on the West Coast… I miss the firefly-filled hot nights… hmmmm… I wonder if I still have that Homestead Grays (Chuck Mead, now with BR549) boot somewheres… ;-)

  2. The JCC Dragon Suplex says:

    Great stuff, but “Sincerely” kind of goes into a seizure for a spell around the moment of the guitar solo.

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