The Romans – You Only Live Once

The Romans – You Only Live Once (Enigma) 1983. love Pat Delaney’s sax sound. I will search out any recordings that are rumoured to have Pat on them. I have never been disapointed.

Of course, his crowning moment was The Deadbeats. But…The Romans were awesome too! …and the BPeople!!!

So here are a couple of brilliant Romans tracks. These were previously unreleased but are now vailable on the ultra-great You Only Live Once re-ish. The original album is more new-wavey, surfy than this stuff…but its all good and highly recommended.

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4 Responses to The Romans – You Only Live Once

  1. halrom says:

    cool site. I appreaciate your efforts. Now Lets get that Mutants New Drug 7″ goin’

  2. griz says:

    SOMEONE MUST HAVE THE SECOND ROMANS LP!!! As good as the first is (Disclaimer: I wrote part of the reissue liner notes), the second one is an unbelievably good country/folk-tinged album. It’s really different from the earlier more surf type stuff and predates all the alt-country type bullshit by years (it came out in ’84). Believe me, it’s worth posting if someone has it (Juan: cut it loose!!)

  3. gomez says:

    Here it is, free! Plus a lot more stuff.

    Enjoy, and leave comments!

  4. Joe Stumble says:

    I would love to hear the 2nd Romans LP!

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