LDoMoE Podcast #12 -17/01/2010 Stumblemix

Third edition of the Last Days of Man on Earth podcast. Still going strong. No signs of stopping. In fact, I think this may be the best one yet. And that’s not just hyperbole. That’s the real deal. One thing however. It may not be the best idea to record my narration after a night out socializing. That’s just my way of saying I am a tad bit schnockered on this here voiceover. I wouldn’t even disclose this, but there are a few big mistakes in my narration that I have neither the time nor inclination to fix. This podcast must make it to the presses. You gotta step away sometimes, y’know? So I will correct any of my errors here in the write-up. In other words, if you try to nail me on an error in the voiceover, you clearly didn’t read the instruction manual.

Edition Number Three starts off with the horror garage-punk sounds of the The Living Deadbeats out of Vancouver Canada with a great ode to paying bills entitled Rent. Fuck the man! The Backsliders, a great band outta Texas follow with Bitter Days a song that sounds a lot like another song but for the life of me I cannot place it. Has this ever happened to you? Every time I listen to it another song ends up on the tip of my tongue. Then I lose it. The whole Backsliders album is available free at their link. Don’t be a choad. Ch-Ch-Check it out. Speaking of checking shit out, look at this:

Yes, that’s Oregon’s classic The Mean Jeans and they were born on a Saturday night; at least that’s what they say in this podcast. The Mean Jeans are followed by a band called Prize Country who is really great but I just checked their MySpace and their graphics are terrible! If I was a superficial person, their marketing materials would have scared me away. Luckily, Joe Stumble is all about substance. Still, you guys gotta nix the sub-screamo graphics. Fo realz.

A band that does not fuck around with lame graphics is Build No System. Bad-ass hardcore from Cedar Falls, IA. This represents my first correction from my voiceover where I think I said Cedar Rapids. It’s hardcore. From Iowa. What else do you really need to know? On a totally different note, I followed Build No System with Canyons, a DJ combo from Australia doing their amazing song Dancing On Silk which sounds like some late 1970′s NYC no-wave goodness. When the sax came in I was hooked. After that, we have This Moment In Black History who are NOT from Detroit but instead Cleveland. My sincerest apologies.

Vancougar, Vancougar, Vancougar…what really can be said about them? Such a great band. I think they may also be from Vancouver. And what can be said about The Teeth? Four righteously cool dudes from Louisville, KY on the Noise Pollution label. The Generator is from their great new 7inch Clatter and Jive. Get you one. While you’re waiting for your Teeth record to arrive in the mail, maybe you could check out this great video by DDMMYYYY:

Pretty great huh? The song on the podcast, entitled Simple Life is pretty great too. This is followed by the mysterious Squid In Squid Ink doing an instrumental synth number entitled Tiktaalik off of their cool online album Proun. I followed them with some additional analogue synth goodness by way of DFA mainstay The Juan Maclean off of the amazing 2009 album The Future Will Come. This would have been a commercial release in 1982 I think. But now, it is relegated to the third edition of the Last Days of Man on Earth podcast, the deepest cul-de-sac of hipsterdom in the webosphere. Ah well….Who are The Family Curse and why do they scare the fuck out of me? Their album sounds like a trip to the emergency room on acid. What do you think?

Who are The O-Voids and why the fuck are they so good? Go now and buy EVERYTHING this band has released. True minimalist punk. The Hibernauts on the other hand, are all sturm and drang. Know what I’m saying? Midwestern kids making the big pop noise in the void. The last album was really good but a tad bit too polished for my tastes. From what I can tell off of this new song, the new release may have a bit more grease on it. Now a sound with no grease on it would be The Hatcham Social Club who are eerily reminiscent of the mid-80′s alternative (wow, haven’t seen this word in a while) UK sound. Bands like The Smiths, The Shop Assistants, and The Mighty Lemon Drops (mistakenly referred to in my narration as The Mighty Lemon Heads!). You get the picture. If you love the moody anglo sound as much as I do, fire up a clove cigarette and check out Crocodile.

The Sorely Trying Days are from Kokomo, Indiana. Yeah, like the Beach Boys song. I betcha if you mentioned the Beach Boys to them they would punch you in the face. Great tune and very similar to the Prize Country track from earlier. Except without the odious graphics. In a totally different vein, we have Pixeltan, a Brooklyn-based dance punk act with Scatter from their DFA release Yamarena-I. Do I need to even mention my undying love and appreciation for all things Child Bite? Didn’t think I did. But just in case you need a reminder, Child Bite are quite possibly my favourite current band. They are a completely current re-imagining of Pere Ubu Midwestern skronk. With beards.

Who the fuck are Raw Nerve and how can we get more hardcore bands to sound like this? Total noise. Barely held together. Minute blasts of insanity. Cash For Your Stories are another band with a demo out right now and it is some amazing shit. Part post-hardcore, part UK punk, all pissed off….definitely one of the best UK bands I have heard in a long time. Would love to see a gig with them and Normal Man from Stumblemix #1. Speaking of normal men, Doug Maxson is anything but that. His latest band Hal Dolls is proof positive that he is one of Louisville’s greatest musical treasures. The most punk rock thing he’s done since The Dickbrains and that was 30 something years ago. What would mother say? I end the set with The Returnables, doing one of their classic melancholy Midwestern numbers before their unplanned demise. A great band, from the same Dirtnap sampler that The Mean Jeans track is from.

And that’s it for this instalment. Keep sending me your stuff. If I like it, I will put it on the next podcast.

LDoMoE Podcast #12 -17/01/2010 Stumblemix

The Living Deadbeats – Rent
The Backsliders – Bitter Days
Mean Jeans – Born On A Saturday Night
Prize No Country – Buy In
Build No System – Welcome To America
Canyons – Dancing On Silk
This Moment in Black History – Its Everything We Do
Vancougar – Naughty
The Teeth – The Generator
DDMMYYYY – Simple Life
Squid In Squid Ink – Tiktaalik
The Juan MaClean – A New Bot
The Family Curse – Laughing My Way
The O-Voids – Friction Strip
The Hibernauts – Intermurals (sic)
The Hatcham Social – Crocodile
Sorely Trying Days – In Control
Pixeltan – Scatter
Child Bite – Gender Points
Raw Nerve – You Live
Cash For Your Stories – Girls and Prams
Hal Dolls – Barbie
The Returnables – What Would Mother Say?

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9 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #12 -17/01/2010 Stumblemix

  1. Hey Joe, thanks for making our say… SMOOCHES!

  2. elliott says:

    the best stumblemix yet! i don’t like all of the bands on hear but i gotta say man you really know music man. thank you so much.

  3. chris g says:

    dig that o-voids song
    fun fact: tiktaalik was the name assigned to the fossil believed to be the missing link between marine life and the origin of land dwelling fauna
    i just saw that on pbs like four minutes ago.

    also, i’ve done a post of live Flesh Eaters, hope you like it


    Thanks for the praise, glad you like our EP!! Someone from Normal Man has been in touch, so there is a genuine possibility that we’ll play a gig together some time.

  5. Chris says:

    Prize Country’s publicist contacted me for a review. I just hear a Fugazi clone. but a albeit a good one

  6. Chris says:

    I’m st-st-stuttering. You don’t have to be weird to be wiiiiiired.

  7. Hey, thanks for the airplay! I didn’t even know you did a podcast, but I’ll catch up on it now. I got some This Moment in Black History mp3s a few years ago and never heard any more from them.

  8. roc says:

    There are a couple of free older This Moment In Black History releases you can download at their old label’s website right now. http://www.exitstencil.org/

  9. roc says:

    If you check that out, also since someone from Pere Ubu recommended them a few times through their official websites I guess I’ll also tell you to check out the band Mystery of Two on that label.

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