LDoMoE Podcast #5 – The Second Scene of the Crime

So it is with a large amount of irony that I seem to have been discovered in my hometown by certain local intelligentsia. Y’see, I left here in 1992 under a black cloud of disgust for the whole place. I came back last year to take care of some family issues. My goal has always been to get in and get out.

When it started looking like my stay in St Louis was going to be longer than I expected, I decided I had to find something to do. I started Last Days largely out of boredom and an urge to connect with people outside of this area who had similar tastes as myself. I kept my regional associations relatively vague. I do NOT want to be associated primarily with St Louis. It is just one of the many places I have lived and not even the one I identify the strongest with.

I was born and raised partially in St Louis and there are certain things that I do like about the place….Toasted Ravioli….and Jet Lag…..and Ultraman….and St louis Pizza…and the Soulard Oktoberfest….and the architecture….and White Castles….and the copious amounts of cheap beer….Eat-Rite or don’t fuckin’ eat at all!

If you are interested in St Louis in general (and who isn’t, really), there isn’t a better place to start than St LouieLouie. Its a resource for all things St Louis and was started by Kopper, the closest thing St Louis has ever had to a Kim Fowley-type cat. Don’t mention Beatle Bob to me…he’s a Rodney Bingenheimer-type cat.

Below is the second installment of my podcast with Jason and Ann Rerun from Scene of the Crime on KDHX. I’ll have a brand spankin’ new one in two weeks.

LDoMoE Podcast #5 – The Second Scene of the Crime

She’s Not Leaving Strangelhold
What is It? B Team
——– ——– ——– ——–
Hang Ten in East Berlin The Detours
Sold Out Gang Green
Faith Moving Targets
Doomed World Battalion of Saints
Question Authority Drunk Injuns
——– ——– ——– ——–
Race Against Time GBH
Grown Up Age Bureaucrats
Knife in My Back 76% Uncertain
Elementary Monster Brainz
Stiff Citizen Significant Zone
——– ——– ——– ——–
Now We Are Heroes The Hoax
Brainless Deadbeats
Taking Away Your Rights N.O.T.A.
Raggare Is A Bunch of Motherfucker Rude Kids

I also got some more non-St Louis based gems to post over the next coupla days….Cuz I ain’t just about St Louis….Now pardon me….I’m going to Eat Rite to get a slinger

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3 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #5 – The Second Scene of the Crime

  1. The Squeegee says:

    i too grew up partially in st. louie… i can totally relate to your postings… moved west afterwards, first to kansas city, then to seattle… and have travelled round most of our states… anyhow, st. louie sure seems like where the east coast begins, so to speak… speaking of which, don’t forget to give some props to the old school frozen custard of TED DREWES… god i love that stuff… the best dairy dessert on the planet, methinks…

  2. malfeitor says:

    Toasted Ravioli? I would tear that shit up at the Ponticellos! That’s some Spanish Lake for ya.

  3. Joe Stumble says:

    We were in Ponticellos just last week man! i hadn’t been there since i was a kid. i had the toasted ravs…ate a dozen in 30 seconds…the waitress came by and while she was super-impressed, she did mention to me that the guy who used to run Dressed For the H-Bomb was able to down em in 10 secs.

    Squeegee…you are right man. St
    Louis is not the gateway to the west…its the gateway to the East! I’m adding Ted Drewes to my list.

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