VOM – Live at Surf City

VOM – Live At Surf City (White Noise Records) 1978. From the USA we have VOM with an EP from 1978. It started in the mid 1970â€ēs with 3 music critics-Richard Meltzer, Mike Saunders and Gregg Turner. Gregg and Mike went onto form the Angry Samoans who were one of the all-time greatest HC bands ever. You can hear a bit of early Samoans stuff being worked out on this EP. More of a curiosity than anything else really.

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3 Responses to VOM – Live at Surf City

  1. fred says:

    VOM is truly one of the greatest examples of retarded punk. Another similar record to seek out is the Puke, Spit and Guts LP (from LA about the same period, I guess the Child Molesters are another similar time and place act.)

  2. Roberto says:

    I fall in love with this bunch of freaks when i heard’em on the Saturday Night Pogo comp,some times later i found the single…sold it during hard times…great smplistic retardo-punk…thanks

  3. Vincent says:

    Where can I get this album?

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