Ebba Grön ‎– Antirock 7inch

Ebba Grön ‎– Profit // Ung & Sänkt (Mistlur) 1978. I have been listening to shitloads of Ebba Grön lately. This is thier first 7inch from 1978. I spent about six months in Sweden a few years back on a work-related project. It was great. I was in Lund which is a college town in the Skane region of Sweden. Stockholm and Copenhagen (Denmark) were both accessible by train. I only made it up to Stockholm a few times but I remember the perception in Sweden was that the Skane region was a little backwards and had a very separate dialect. Great fuckin’ coffee there though.

Why I am mentioning this, I have no idea cuz Ebba Grön were from Stockholm. To my ears, I couldn’t tell the difference between the dialects. Jag forsar inte!

All I can tell you is that Ebba Grön were recommended to me while I was up there and I have always been grateful. The first album kicks ass as well.

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3 Responses to Ebba Grön ‎– Antirock 7inch

  1. Walter says:

    Hey, I recognize these guys from my “Svenska Punkklassiker” compilation. Good stuff.

  2. Peter - KBD Records says:

    Ebba Gron is the most well known of all the swedish punk bands and still sell LOADS of CDs. The “skane” dialect takes mostly part in the deeper regions of your throat with typical fuzzy “r”. The dialect of Stockholm kids sounds more snobby and pretentious.

  3. Anna says:

    OH MAN! I can’t find any of their shit online or in record stores here… thanks!!

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