Didjits Rarities

Between 1987 and 1993, local heroes The Didjits released six amazing albums as well as a host of other 7inchers and comp tracks. The albums are very much in print at Touch and Go Records and you really should buy them as I believe the money goes directly to the band.

Here at The Last Days of Man on Earth World HQ, The Didjits occupy a special place. Please refer The Didjits original demo tape Signifies My Go-T (posted back in October) for additional hero worship. Now, I have some more hard-to-find Didjits related obscurities to pass on.

Also if you listen very closely to the live recordings below in particular, you may notice that the Didjits were effin AMAZING in a live setting. You would be correct in this assessment. If the opportunity arises for you to see them…run don’t walk. You will not regret this decision.

I wanna thank the always on-target Ron Hotpad for these excellent recordings. He and I (along with Eric, Peter, Larry The Drummer Extraordinaire and the Mighty Malfeitor) all agree that The Didjits rule….OK?

Also, don’t be a chump. If its on an indie label and in print, buy the fuckin thing. The entire Didjits LP catalog is available on Amazon. Everything I have posted on Last Days is out of print and intended to fill out your already well-stocked collection of legit Didjits releases.

Heed these words or me and Ron are gonna have to kick your ass.

Backstage Passout Live Bootleg Backstage Passout Live Bootleg

Recorded in 92 at the London Kilburn National Ballroom.

Cutting Carol, Joliet, Killboy Powerhead, Gold Eldorado, Evel Knievel, Max Wedge/Stingray, Long Lone Ranger, Plate In My Head, Captain Ahab, Ax Handle, Goodbye Mr. Policeman.

The Lovesicle 45 (1989)
Goodbye Mr. Policeman
One Dead Hippy

Goodbye Mr Policeman is a great song that captures all the best parts of The Didjits. Its a punk scorcher with an awesome Ted Nugent moment at 1:02. One Dead Hippy is an older song. A primitive version of it is available on the demo from 1986. I agree with the sentiment by the way.

Sub Pop Single of the Month (1993)Sub Pop Single of the Monthclub (1993)

Dear Junkie
Skull Baby (live)
Fire In The Hole (live)

Remember these fuckin’ things? If you do then you are as old and fuckin’ useless as Joe Stumble! Basically what we have here is the classic Sub Pop singles club approach….One new cut on the A and two live tracks on the B.

What’s interesting about this is that it represents the last Didjits recording. It was released 2 months after thier swan song “Que Sirhan Sirhan”. You can kinda tell they are running out of steam. I believe Brad had left a few years earlier and Ray Washam was manning the sticks on this one.

Other Assorted Shit:

Thats not enough for ya? How about these?

Police Truck – From the Dead Kennedys Tribute (Virus 100)
Sitting Round At Home – From the Buzzcocks Tribute “Somethings GoneWrong Again”

….and from the Fear and Loathing Flexi from 1992:

Legal (live)
King Carp (live)

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16 Responses to Didjits Rarities

  1. Sarah says:

    Woah. I haven’t seen that cover for “lovesickle” in YEARS! I will never forget Doug, Deb and I laughing ourselves sick about the “prince” cover parody. Does anyone have the video Dijits shot at Rock City? Everyone had to rock out on their knees because of camera angles…Don’t forget – it was an apt. above a flower shop.

    F**K Mables, crickets, double fisting drinks in Chicago on New years Eve, Steel-toe boots, Hooley – gooley head t-shirts, So many memories… friends…..
    Thanks for the link to this site “Robbie” aaahhhh Dijits.

  2. Joe says:

    Sarah — share more, how do you know the Didjits?

  3. mike says:

    It should be noted that the 45 RPM version of “Goodbye Mr. Policeman” is not the same recording as what ended up on Hornet Pinata. The Lovesicle 45 was produced by Steve Albini under the alias Reggie Stiggs.

  4. Chicago Troy says:

    Didjits DO rule! They were simply the best punk rock band of the time. No one could touch them (or go on after them). Correction: Sub Pop single is Todd Cole playing drums, same as on Que Sirhan. Washam only played on the Little Miss Carriage EP which came out before Que. And running out of steam? C’mon! That Sub Pop single is a great song!

  5. Eric says:

    All hail the Didjits, and Joe Stumble. I said it before and I’ll say it again – That Didjits demo tape was the single best thing I ever found online. I’ll have to check, but I think I have boot of that flexi on red vinyl, unless it’s something different.

    Hey, If Left Arm ever makes it to upstate NY the beers are on me!

  6. Kevin Coed says:

    The link for the backstage passout file doesn’t seem to be working…

  7. Joe Stumble says:

    all fixed! The sub pop single is a great song by the way but it pales in comparison to the lovesicle 45. Anyhting by the Didjits is better than most other stuff tho so its all pretty relative.

  8. Kevin Coed says:

    Isn’t it just. The stuff Rick Simms did with the Lee Harvey Oswald Band is great too.

  9. Toxxy says:

    He, funny you should post some Didjits on the very same day as I did over at Born In The Basement.

    Cheers for the tunes :)

  10. Greg Dunlap says:

    Wow! I was at the show where they taped the Sub Pop single and I’ve never even heard it. They played a special show just for the taping at Lounge Ax in Chicago in the middle of the afternoon, had to bail out of work early to go to it. Good times, I miss them a lot.

  11. Joe Stumble says:

    Toxxy — I was suprised to see the legit releases up on your site. Me and Ron had been prepping the rarities for a few days. When I was ready to launch it I discovered your stuff (while googling for images). I mentioned to Ron that you had “stolen our thunder”.

    Funny how that shit happens ennit?

  12. Toxxy says:

    Hey there Joe! I do really appreciate the Didjits rarities you and Ron have supplied for us, great job indeed!

    Yeah, the other 3 guys and me at the Basement do post legit releases (as well as anything else we can get our hands on!) but of course we always want people to BUY the artists official releases…I’d say, that goes without saying it, support the artists and the independent labels, they deserve it big time.

    Cheers again for the rarities!

  13. Kilwag says:

    The Didjits were the greatest. Only band to ever actually scare me the first time I saw them back in 85. Here are a few pics from the Champaign reunion show and a few words about it. I flew from Portland Oregon back to Illinois to see their reunion shows, two weeks in a row. Money well spent. I have a problem.


  14. bdtrppr6 says:

    didjits fuckin rock! i saw them what seems like every three weeks or so between 86 and 90 while at UI-CU. the best was at hash wednesday(97?)in the rain on the south quad. rick sims was a maniac. but a real quiet, cool dude at Record Swap(when it was upstairs) working. praise Satan for Rick Sims.

  15. Dave says:

    The fear and Loathing record I have is actual vinyl, not a flexi. I wonder if mine is a boot? Anyway, is there any chance you could replace the F&L files so I don’t have to bust out hte turntable and rip my record? If you’d like the F&L cover art that I have, I’d be happy to supply it.

  16. madman says:

    Didjits were amazing. I remember seeing them early on playing at the ten sh*tty guys, Mables, Rock City and of course Chicago. Rick Sims was insane, but always worth the price of admission. They had quite the following and we didn’t miss a show.

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