Comateens – Cool Chick / Dangerzone 7inch

Comateens – Cool Chick // Dangerzone (Teenmaster Records) 1979. The first Comateens 7inch is sort of an obscurity even amongst the kbd/h2d crowd. I do not know why. Its a great piece of late 1970′s new wave. The Comateens went on to be one of those really annoying eighties bands. But this EP is different.

I have played Cool Chick for many friends over the years and I find that it is either something you will LOVE or HATE. I think that this is based to a degree on how comfortable you are with the er…flamboyance of the lead singer on “Cool Chick”. Personally I think it is an awesome song.

“Dangerzone” on the B Side is just a really good guitar based New Wave tune. Good stuff.

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7 Responses to Comateens – Cool Chick / Dangerzone 7inch

  1. mdgarmager says:

    Dangerzone cuts off too early.

  2. hotblueglue says:

    Yes, Dangerzone cuts off early. And I’m dying to hear the whole song, it fucking rocks. Help!

  3. Joe Stumble says:

    Hey I added the full track…enjoy!

  4. O says:

    A real classic. The later version of Cool Chick on Comateens first album is also OK, but it lacks Ramona Jan’s guitar.

  5. chris g says:


  6. ian says:

    Hmmm – never heard this band before, i’m ashamed to say. The vocal is great, like Nico in spandex or lycra. NOW, what about the Slow Children’s “Staring at the ceiling” ? ; the original 78 single version, not the abysmal 80′s album rerecording… THAT would be really welcome.

  7. Jim M says:

    This is one of my fav 45′s in my collection. Very obscure, I was surprised to find it mentioned.

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