From The Valley Within

From The Valley Within (Lost Records) 1983. Man seriously? Say it ain’t so, Joe. Two obscure 1980′s hardcore 7inches in a row? This one is from San Jose, California and is one of those comps that I searched for years. Why? Cuz it has The Faction on it, that’s why. And what’s funny is now The Faction aren’t even one of my favourite bands. Times change and people change, as Pat Dubar once so eloquently put it. So what is the choice material on this comp? Ribzy, Ribzy, Ribzy. It’s just so fucking snide and rotten. Check out All Cut Up and tell me that guitar breakdown isn’t awesome. Some of you may remember me waxing all philosophical-like about Ribzy back in August of 2007. Fronted by twins and featuring two girls, Ribzy were something kinda unusual for the skatepunk scene. Maybe the unique demographic element of the band contributed to the unique aesthetic element of the band. What do I know? Another great band on this comp is Grim Reality who should not be confused with The Grim. Fronted by Jason Honea who went on to sing on my favourite Social Unrest album, Grim Reality is mid-tempo punk with a British vibe. Definitely not as ground-breaking as SU2000 (what is?), Grim Reality is still pretty kick-ass and worth a listen. All in all, this comp is a pretty cool document of a lesser-known scene. Kinda similar to Nardcore in a way but without the hesher allusions.

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6 Responses to From The Valley Within

  1. Scott says:

    Ha! He’s wearing a Saxon shirt.

  2. mick says:

    i”m about to crank this d/l. however, the pat dubar reference has me all p.m.a.. and united within myself.

  3. Joe says:

    The sound of no sound
    Is the most deafening of all
    The feeling of no feeling
    Is the most painful of all
    And yet we must endure
    For I do now and forever shall
    Love all things that are real
    Even when silence is broken

  4. 3x12ax7 says:

    I was there, the good old days, don’t make ‘em like that anymore, these punks these days don’t know nuthin, etc etc etc

  5. haizman says:

    I agree that there was a time when all things Faction were important – Pegged and Demons are some of their best songs (Let’s Go Get Cokes?!?).

    Ribzy and Grim Reality rulez! The other shit belongs on fucking MARS man!

    No more sorry…
    No more strain…
    No more illusion…
    No more pain…

  6. greg oropeza says:

    Ribzy will be playing July 24 2010 at The Blank Club, San Jose w/ Los Olvidados. Jason from Grim Reality will join us for the last song, we will do “Dead Soldier” off of this comp.

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