Bone – Pirate The Islands

Bone – Pirate The Islands // The Headlines Have It (Rumble Records) 1979. Bone were simply a bunch of dudes who liked to party. Party hard. They were from Florida and they lived the lifestyle all the way. It was the 70′s baby. Times were crazy! Don’t fuck with my buzz. The dude in the centre of the great cover photo (click to enlarge) was Richard Bone, the main man behind the band. He’d takes his fellow bandmates on a little out and back around Marina Bay. They would bring along some strippers and a shitload of cocaine. The coconut oil would be slathered all over everyone’s thonged bodies while they ate saltwater taffy and drank Captain Morgan. The sound system was off the hook! It was in precisely this environment that Pirate The Islands was conceived. Yeah you have heard Synth-Punk before but have you ever heard Synth-Punk-Yacht-Rock? I think not. Bone were a genre all to themselves. The B-Side does not continue the nautical theme but it rocks. You gotta crank this mother up to 11 at your next party. Sit back and watch people nervously try to “get” this. You can’t “get” this. It’s beyond all of us.

NOTE: Everything I said about Bone is completely fictional. I know nothing about the band. These are just the impressions I get when listening to this 45.

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  1. GraemeSTL says:

    Er, the B-side downloads as ‘Material Possessions’ by The Parameters. What’s gone wrong there?

  2. Joe says:

    Graeme – the short answer is that I messed up my links. The longer answer is that you just got a sneak peak of a future post.

  3. Holly says:

    Oh. My. God. Thank you for this. And I think your bio is spot on!

  4. Scott says:

    It’s like Frank Stallone meets 8-bit. Disturbing.

  5. Joe says:

    Holly – Thanks! I never let a complete lack of any factual information stop me from writing a band bio.

    Scott – The guy on the right kinda does have a frank stallone quality. But you know the guy on the left is the one with the COCAINE!

  6. OTTO says:

    You can’t ‘get’ this… but you can definitely dig it!

    As much as I enjoyed your fictional back story, I imagine that the real story is equally compelling. Alas, we shall probably never know.

    Like some bizarre artifact from a long lost civilization, we will need to content ourselves with academic speculation… and two slots on the i-Tunes shuffle.

  7. mrpoopy says:

    I beat you to it, but you are much kinder. The guy is still around, releasing shit “trance” music in Europe and has some cheesy videos on YouTube.

  8. Texas Bell-End says:

    After watching the Richard Bone videos on youtube, I’m pretty sure that he is Nick Williscent of the Subjects and this is his secret side project.

  9. Alex M says:

    From the LAST.Fm Wiki:

    RICHARD BONE (born February 3, 1952 – Atlanta, GA) has been creating music for over twenty-five years. He began his early musical career creating soundtracks and scores for several off-Broadway companies working in experimental theater. In 1979 he released the single Pirate the Islands/Headlines Have It before joining the legendary band Shox Lumania in 1981. That same year Richard recorded a solo 7” called Digital Days/Alien Girl on his own that was picked up by Survival Records in the UK. While with Survival he released two LPs, four EPs, two 45s and composed several singles for various compilations albums. In 1983 his single Joy of Radiation reached #1 on the charts in Hong Kong.

    In 1991 Richard started Quirkworks Laboratory Discs allowing him the freedom to create music of a more experimental nature and remain in control of his musical direction. The next fourteen years would see Richard release sixteen recordings of all new material, a compilation of previous Quirkworks’ releases, a CD of alternate and previously unreleased tracks, co-produce and contribute musically to Mary Zema’s Songs of Early Paradise as well as contributing tracks to numerous compilations and various other projects. Of the new material recordings, three quickly rose to the #1 placement on industry charts as well as receiving numerous other honors. In 2004 Richard’s recording The Reality Temples was nominated for the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards Best Electronic Album and his 2005 recording Saiyuji was nominated for the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards Best Ambient Album.

    He is a very serious man.

  10. Joe says:

    The Bone Stands Alone!

  11. Brushback says:

    See, this is why you can’t beat this blog. This whole thing is just one of a kind.

  12. mick says:

    who knew (l-r) stewart copeland was in such a terrible band with blair and random van driver for the cro-mags.

    i just put this on the work computer by the way. we’ll see how good this facilitates jager bombs. and relationships unspoken.

  13. Joe says:

    That is some funny shit

  14. Heath says:

    Um, I’m older and I kind of think I’ve heard it all/seen it all. But I don’t understand this record at all. This combination of concept and execution just… baffles me. I love it.

  15. Tim Barrett says:

    You have to love the 21st century don’t ya? (well.. certain aspects of it)
    Back in the day, 30 odd years ago in the UK, even if you heard John Peel play something like this, chances are you wouldn’t be able to buy it anywhere anyway – the best you could do would be to tape it on a hissy cassette, that was bound to get chewed up or lost in a year or two anyway.
    Now, here I am in the middle of the Australian outback, decades later, – & it’s all available to me, & virtually for free, thanks to you & your thoughtful ilk – I’m grateful for your hard work.
    ROCK ON!

  16. Joe says:

    No thanks necessary, Tim. Just the knowledge that Bone has gone full-global is thanks enough!

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