Odds and Ends #2

I promised on my original odd and ends post that I would do this every once and a while. Then I never did it again. Ha! Well here’s round two of highlights from recent record roundups. All of these are currently in print and Stumble-certified:

Liliput – Like It Or Lump It Great post-punk from Zurich in the late 1970′s / early 1980′s. Thier entire recorded output both as Liliput and Kleenex was recently re-released on Kill Rock Stars. I agree with Erich about Liliput when he says that if you dont like this you have no heart and no brains. Thanks to Erich for reminding me what a great band this is and for the photo above which I think is just super.

Johnny Moped: Incendiary Device – A crazy bastard from the early days of UK Punk. A cohort with the guys in the Damned if that tells ya anything. I wonder what ever happened to Johnny? Great retrospective recently released.

Feederz: Destruction Unit – Ever Feel Like Killing your Boss is still in print. It even comes with the sandpaper sleeve although the effects on your other CDs wont be as drastic as intended upon original design.. Classic LP.

Wall of Voodoo: The Passenger – Index Masters has been re-released with a bunch of added tracks. Tom asked for this EP on my recent Wall of Voodoo post.

A Certain Ratio – Great 2 CD compilation of early tracks by this amazing post-punk English band available on the always amazing Soul Jazz Label. If you think the combination of Joy Division and party funk seems like an impossible mash-up, check out Do The Du and watch the impossible become reality.

Secret Hate: Deception – On Hell Comes To your House, an amazing early ‘goth” comp that really isn’t goth at all. This is straight-up punk comp with horror themes. Some of the best of the early LA punk bands are on here including my all time favorite Long Beach HC group, Secret Hate.

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3 Responses to Odds and Ends #2

  1. Johnny Moped rules!
    That song and the whole album is ace!

  2. Brushback says:

    A Certain Ratio always makes me think of “How Much Art Can You Take”…

  3. Joe Stumble says:

    I can see that. I guess A Certain Ratio doesn’t do that for me because the music is too damn funky. I haven’t heard anything later than this stuf though but I would suspect they got pretty ponderous and boring later on.

    I always think of “How Much Art” with Throbbing Gristle…Oh and with Drindle too. Ha…

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