Ice and the Iced

Ice and the Iced - Rock’pn’Roll, Polyschyzophrenya // We’ve Had Enough, Freezer (Trux Records) 1980. As I may have mentioned before, there is punk and then there is PUNK. Ice and the Iced fall into the latter category. The dude in the centre is named “Ice”. The dudes to his left and right, they are “The Iced”. They grew up together as childhood friends on the same street in Pordenone, Italy. As evidenced by this super-slick cover photo, at some point they developed a love for The Ramones. They gigged around enough to get the attention of a local “talent agency” entitled the “Wicked Wolves” led by a character entitled “King Sexy Wolf”. who helped release this classic in 1980. They were 16. Their practice space was called “The Duke”. Do I need to go on here? To say that the songs on this release are awesome is truly an understatement. You think you could write a better song than We’ve Had Enough? You can’t. Kids all over the world are learning this song right now. Somebody needs to send me the tabs. It’s gonna be the next generation’s “Satisfaction”. Get on the train now or you are gonna miss it. Oh, and “Rock ‘pn Roll” is not a misspell. That’s what these guys play. No doubt about it. Check out their MySpace for more. A limited edition LP was released a few years back entitled Drunk at the Duke that contains this 45 plus a bunch of rehearsal sessions. Its lo-fi and outta print.

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  1. Jenny says:

    hehehehehhehehehehhehe Ice and the Iced.. I wonder if he has this tattoo:

  2. Joe says:

    that could be the most bad-ass thing I have ever seen

  3. Texas Bell-End says:

    All the stuff coming out of Pordenone early on was amazing. Its pretty common knowledge that the first self produced and self released Italian punk record actually came from Pordenone (HitlerSS/Tampax split 1978). Apparently it was because Pordenone was Italy’s big defense against the USSR, so that’s where all the British and American GI’s were stationed and so the kids in Pordenone got all that music first because of the radio shows the Americans and the British set up. Tampax went on to release a few more albums and HitlerSS released an album called “Pordenone’s Boys” but then evolved into a pretty cool Devo influenced synthy band called “Andy Warhol Technocolor Banana”. The “Great Complotto” Comp is a great place to start with the Pordenone scene.

  4. Joe says:

    Wow TBE – Thanks for the great info. I knew NOTHING ABOUT any of that. Will try to track down the Great Complotto….

  5. OTTO says:

    Joe, you’ll be pleased to know that a GuitarPro tab is available (and a bass tab)… and thank God for that! Pretty intricate Italian prog thang going on here… not easy to work out on one’s own.

  6. Ben says:

    ‘We’ve Had Enough’ = total BEST SONG EVER contender.

    I just grinned so wide I think my face broke, listening to that one. Thanks for posting it!

  7. Texas Bell-End says:

    Here is the website dedicated to the early Pordenone scene, lots of info on Ice and the Iced and the other bands, it is in Italian but here is the google translate version of it,

  8. chris g says:

    i love foreign (read: not english) punk songs like “we’ve had enough” where you can’t figure out WHAT THE FUCK they’re about

  9. chris g says:

    i mean non-native english

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