Deathwish – Tailgate

Deathwish – Tailgate // Condemned, Break The Chains (Amory Arms) 1989. My first foray into HC here. Jaysus…is there a better Boston HC 7inch than this? I know, I know…..”Sold Out” by Gangreen maybe? Yeah but wait….the second side is that “Taang Dub” right? OK…SSD???? Oh yeah, those are longplayers.

Yeah so here you have THE archetypal Boston HC 7inch. Brutal, loud, tight and awesome in all of its glory. Three songs…all killer no filler.

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  1. JK says:

    Hi Joe.

    This is Jono writing, one of the original Deathwish members. I came across your page by chance via google and I wanted to say thanks for the comments about the record. Glad you like it!

    How did you come across the record/band, and when? Hard to believe it’s still “rotation” out there.



  2. Joe Stumble says:

    Hey Jono — I lived in Medford for about 5 years in the late 90′s and had a friend from southie who was a big HC fan from back in the day. He showed me the Deathwish 7inch. I believe it had a different cover with people falling out of a window.

    Anyways, I stand by my statements. It is the archetypal Boston HC 7incher in my opinion. A total friggin classic. Would love to get more info on the history behind it as I only know that it was recorded in 83(?) and released in 89(?). You should drop me an email…

  3. Matschy says:

    The version with the cover which has the falling people on it was the one issued by Lost & Found records.

    However also for me it’s one of those classic Hardcore records that will always find it’s place on any mixtape…

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