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Recently on the TIRC Message Board, I got some interesting news. Namely, an online archive has been released of old MRR, Flipside, Suburban Voice and Heart Attack back issues. It’s a pretty amazing project.

I mentioned in my Jet Lag post that I would like to see all old zines eventually archived online…the more obscure the better. But ya gotta start with the big boys and these were it. I was never much of an MRR fan but the Suburban Voice and Flipside stuff is killer. Shit, the MRR stuff is pretty killer too to be honest. Check it out here:

Rumour has it that they are looking for volunteers to help transcribe the text and make the zines searchable. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it.

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  1. Tom says:


  2. Joe Stumble says:

    Not until this wednesday. I was wrong. I have a hunch that the write-in vote was total bullshit though. They are having an awards show this week and we weren’t invited. I’ll definitely post the results on Thursday though

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