LDoMoE Podcast #13 -16/05/2010 Stumblemix

Another season, another Last Days of Man on Earth podcast. This represents the fourth one, which if you’re doing your math, means I’ve been doing this for a year now. Shit, time flies when you are having fun. This one in particular is a whopper. All the major regions of the world are represented on this mug; Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky. Shit I even found music from some out of the way places like London, Paris and NYC. Amazing, really. So where do I start?

Let’s start with Eric Jensen, the Art Amiss Music Director at KXUA 88.3FM in Little Rock, Arkansas who compiled, produced, and released a 22 song compilation of Arkansas punk bands recently. The comp is mostly of current groups, but also of a few from the past including Arkansas’ first punk band, The Malls from 1980 who do a great song called Take Dope. Another great band from Arkansas would be A+ Setup, at least if their song Relax About the Afterlife is any indication. The Plaid Jackets are less unique but a lot of fun and they do Jerkface. Who are the mysterious Egyptr? Going to their MySpace just creeped me out. True skronk from the same state as Wal Mart. Then there are the Kill Crazies, who all wear masks and sing songs about killing people. This is really just a sample of the cool music coming from Arkansas. Who da thunk? Go check it out. Don’t walk…run.

But if you’re running, make sure to buy a pair of New Shoes. Maybe from Indiana’s own Prizzy Prizzy Please? Off their amazing new LP Chroma Cannon no less. How about Severance Package? A really great band from California who recently released an awesome 3 Song EP on Shut Up Records. A very similar band would be The Lash Outs from Texas. Well, the new stuff sounds amazing and I am looking forward to hearing their new masterpiece in its entirety. Child Bite are coming out with a new LP shortly as well. Odd Inn is a taster of things to come. The Zygoteens have recently released a great split with fellow Wisconsinites The Hussy (also on the podcast). All awesome.

Then of course there is Louisville, and Noise Pollution in particular, who have just released a great free sampler on Thinkindie.com. What are you waiting for? Go get you one. Then you too can enjoy the godlike majesty of Second Story Man, the noir-like prog of The Web, the avant-power of the Straight A’s and Chime Hours, all of which are also featured on this podcast.

Extra thanks to Acute Records mainman Dan Selzer for the tip on Mazing Vids. What a great band! I like watching mazing vids while eating eggs. Shit, I better call me an Egg Chef. I hear they have one in Belleville, IL who serve up a mean quiche of post-hardcore weirdness. Left of centre a bit, are The Dissociates with some surprisingly potent post-punk from the UK. Follow the link and get their EP for free! Thanks to Chris at the Small Takeover for the tip. The Gary are from Texas and I like bands from Texas as well. Especially when they channel some sort of weird late-80′s underground guitar rock vibe. Sandie Trash are from Paris, I believe. Not Paris, Texas either. I was introduced to them on the amazing Des Jeunes Gens Modernes compilation which is going to inspire a future Bastille Day post, I think.

You can’t stop Stationary Odyssey. They know how to throw a party and they know how to rock a T Rex cover. If Spelling Bee tried to cover another band it would be unrecognizable. That is because Spelling Bee sound like nobody else. How can two people make that much noise? After Spelling Bee, Psychobuildings sounds positively conventional and that is kind of insane really. Total Noise are actually quite tuneful. How ironic. The Choke got hooks and looks to spare. I love bowery level scuzz soap operas set to a punk backbeat.

Next podcast is in the summer!

LDoMoE Podcast #13 -16/05/2010 Stumblemix

Prizzy Prizzy Please – New Shoes
A+ Setup – Relax About the Afterlife
Severance Package – Everything Crash
The Plaid Jackets – Jerkface
The Lash Outs – Contemporary Music
Child Bite – Odd Inn
The Zygoteens – No More
Second Story Man – Flies
Mazing Vids – insects

Egg Chef – Hole in Time and Space
Egyptr – Bit Lip Red
The Web – Janitor Grass
The Dissociates – Left Of Centre
The Hussy – Round and Round
The Gary – (Eyes In The) Tap Room
Sandie Trash – Fire De Ne Rien Faire (Les Olivensteins Cover)
Chime Hours – Held Ransom For Olds

Straight A’s – Up All Night
Stationary Odyssey – Children of The Revolution (Previously Unreleased)
Spelling Bee – Caved In
Psychobuildings – Paradise
The Kill Crazies – Blow You Away
Total Noise – Electric Riff
The Choke – Face For The Radio

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  1. Jenny says:

    I clicked on it and it says not found.

  2. Joe says:

    its fixed. UUUUGH

  3. Chris says:

    On the strength of their song here,the Lash Outs are my new favourite band. They don’t sound any of the other Zodiac Killer stuff I’ve heard.

  4. Joe says:


    you’re right about them not sounding much like the Zodiac Killer library

  5. Robert says:

    Podcast, USE itunes!!!

  6. gef the talking mongoose says:

    Good god — I had no idea that Arkansas comp existed. I grew up there (in a town that to this day still doesn’t have a single traffic light), went to college one county over (during which time I discovered punk, some 2 months after the Pistols’ breakup), spent at least 80 percent of my life there, etc. etc. etc.

    Must obtain this!

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