The Endtables

The Endtables – Process of Elimination, The Defectors // They’re Guilty, Circumcision (Tuesday Records) 1979. If you have been following the Louisville lovefest that has been happening here on LDoMoE, you should be expecting this one. A bonafide kbd classic from 1979.

I had already heard Process Of Elimination (from the Bloodstains series) before I got Bold Beginnings. It, Slack by NNB and Sex Drive by The Embarrassment are the three winners on Bloodstains. I dug Process Of Elimination due to its combination of angular riffage, David Thomas meets Tickle-Me Elmo style warbling and obscuro lyrics. Good shit indeed.

But last week, when I finally got to hear this record in its entirety from beginning to end and when I finally got to read the lyrics, it just hit me. This is some seriously great shit. I’m talking Ubu great. Wire great. Yeah..that great.

So if you haven’t heard this 7inch in its entirety, check it out. You won’t regret it.

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  1. johnakni says:

    What about Louisville’s first punk band No Fun?

  2. Tom says:

    Holy crap! That was awesome, from beginning to end!

    And people wonder why I like punk?

  3. Peter - KBD Records says:

    I never understood the hype surrounding The Endtables. Remember when I got it with the repro sleeve done by Discourage(?) and I was sooo disappointed. Sure Process Of Elimination is great but that’s about it. Thanks for posting it Joe just to remember me why I didn’t like it.

  4. Peter - KBD Records says:

    I mean, too bad the great lyrics couldn’t be accompanied by great songs.

  5. Possum Jenkins says:

    Peter- you’re like the first person I’ve met that doesn’t like the Endtables EP. But this is another example that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. To me, the Endtables EP is GENIUS, both lyrically and musically. especially the guitar noodling. I have been hooked since I first heard them back in ’95. Totally unique sounding record. And the song lengths are even within your acceptable standards :) What can I do to get you to like this record?! ha ha Hey, I wonder how many copies with the repro sleeve Discourage had for sale, because that’s where I got my copy too (back in February of ’04). My wife was in Portland a few months ago, and I wanted her to go to the actual Discourage store there but she wasn’t interested. Oh well.

  6. Hank says:

    Oh man! That was seriously wonderful, especially They’re Guilty. You, sir, are a cultural hero by making this available.

    By the way, does anybody know where I can find The Assassins “Assassination” 7″? Found it on KBD but the link was dead.

  7. Peter - KBD Records says:

    Ha ha possum jenkins I don’t know what you have to do to make me like this record. It will not happen no matter what ;) .

    Hank do you mean that you did find the Assassins on:

    We haven’t posted that one.

  8. Brushback says:

    I like it.

  9. Joe Stumble says:

    Hey Brushback – how does the original version of circumcision comparet to the live cover by Bastro?

  10. Brushback says:

    Bastro at the time were just Grubbs and a drum machine– he was heavily into the Big Black thing then, and he even had the foil sticker from the “Headache” body bag cover stuck to his guitar. So, it was a pretty straight-forward version of the song; he couldn’t add all of the noodling that The Endtables put on top, obviously.

    Listening to the Endtables now, their songs seem to lend themselves to being “rocked out”, so the cover of “Circumcision” was actually the best song of Bastro’s set that night.

  11. Boo Radley says:

    This record is being released on Drag City in March. Check out for updates.

  12. Joe says:

    Endtables material removed due to pending release.

  13. Stephen (AI) says:

    “Process of Elimination” is available for the next month as a free download on the Drag City website. It’s remastered from the original reel and sounds incredible. Go get it.

    You can also hear previews of all the tracks from the forthcoming retrospective there — including the previously unreleased bonus material — and pre-order the record if you wish.

    The record comes out April 20th, and yes, there will be vinyl.

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