The Embarrassment – Patio Set / Sex Drive 7inch

Embarrassment – Sex Drive // Patio Set (Big Time) 1980. One of the greatest art punk recordings ever. And its from KANSAS! Ha ha ha…the irony! All you jaded New Yorky types…maybe, just maybe…if you surround yourselves with cornfields, book burners and evolution denial…you too can release something as brilliant as “Sex Drive”.

Just kidding (sorta). This is just another of the many jewels in the crown that is midwestern US punk music.

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8 Responses to The Embarrassment – Patio Set / Sex Drive 7inch

  1. malfeitor says:

    Sweet, some midwest pride! I’ve heard about the Embarrasment but never got the chance to listen to them. I understand that this is the 7″ to have.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. snarfyguy says:

    Hey, I resemble that jaded New Yorky type comment!

    Good stuff, thanks. Perhaps even better is their song “Sound of Wasps,” which I used to have on a Sub Pop (I think?) cassette compilation in the early 80s. Not sure if that one’s available, but it’s very good.

  4. sean says:

    And I’ll have a highway lay without any of her lip.

    Pure genius. Big Dipper used to tear this up as an encore in the 80′s.

    Thanks for posting the original.

  5. MoogPower says:

    WoW…I only have ‘Death Travels West’ album & some tracks found on compilations from that time. Shame these guys never really were together all that long. I always thought they were xclnt.


  6. Joe Stumble says:

    Actually I have “Sound Of Wasps” as well. It is on he heydey comp that came ou in the mid 90′s. Not as good as “Sex Drive” in my opinion.

    The most rare item by The Embarrassment is a cassette entitled “retrospective” that was locally released in the 1980s in Lawrence KS on the Good Sounds label.

    If I can get my hands on a cassette recorder, I will post some of that as well becasue a few tracks on there have not been released anywhere else.

  7. wedge says:

    theres some sort of CD/Cassette of Embarrassment stuff that came out on some Caroline subsidised label in the late 1980′s-early 1990′s…i have it & its boxed away with all the other tapes i fished out of cut-out bins over the years…i know SEX DRIVE is on it, but i remember it being re-recorded…this version here is the true CLASS!!!

  8. Ant Oly, Wa says:

    “Sex Drive” is one of my favorite songs, hands down. I lost my copy of it on a mixtape, because one of my friends liked it enough to steal it from me. I believe there’s an Embarrassment CD compiling all early stuff on Bar None, it’s called “Hey Day”. I think it’s out of print. I emailed the label, and never got a response. Anyway, keep up the hott site.

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