Get Off My Back – We’re Doing It Ourselves

Get Off My Back – We’re Doing It Ourselves (Red Records) 1982. Unlike Boston, DC, or NYC, The Philly scene never got the props it deserved. It had a slew of great bands, a strong scene and was close enough to other big east coast cities to be connected. So why do we not refer to Philly with the same hushed reverence we refer to these other towns?

The answer is maybe that Philly did not have as much of an identifiable sound and look as these other towns. It also had no singular independent label to rally around like a Dischord or a Modern Method. It basically just had a slew of great bands, many of whom were featured on this great 1982 compilation. The quality of the vinyl is a little crackly but hey, whatcanyado?

YDI – Enemy For Life, I Killed My Family: YDI were a cool band. They definitely had that mean, gnarly East Coast sound. I Killed My Family is a bit silly but Enemy for Life fuckin’ rips.

FLAG OF DEMOCRACY – Murder Castle, Suburban Cowboy: No doubt the best FOD tunes I have ever heard. These tunes blaze! Murder Castle has got a great breakdown. Way better than the FOD track on the flipside comp that’s for sure!

BLUNDER BOYS – Conspiracy, I’m Afraid of the Night, Middle Class Morals: Average at best hardcore with a rather annoying singer. Originally went by the name “Crib Death”. One of the lesser bands on this comp.

LITTLE GENTLEMEN – No Justice – No Law, No Crime – No Flaw: Another mediocre tune. The Little Gentleman were pretty prolific and went on to release a seven inch and two full length LPs. Another one that doesn’t do that much for me.

AUTISTIC BEHAVIOR – TV Messiah, Power Head: Brilliant manic hardcore with a slight Cali edge to it. Power Head reminds me a bit of a real intense Saccharine Trust track. Good shit! Did these guys ever do anything else?

RUIN – Proof, Love Dog: Quality-wise Ruin were head and shoulders above most other bands. I wrote them up earlier so I won’t go to into it. These are some of the earliest recorded Ruin tracks and they had yet to develop their fully realized style. Even in their embryonic form, Ruin were a great band though and these two tracks kick off side two with a great jolt of dharma-tinged HC.

INFORMED SOURCES -Right & Wrong, Dense Pack: OK stuff. Kinda west-coastish. The vocals are a little flat but the playing is very tight.

SEEDS OF TERROR – Brain Down, Straightedge: When it first kicked in I thought it sounded like The Urinals! Basically, it has the same production value as the first Urinals 7 inch. Quality-wise the tracks are nowhere near the quality of The Urinals. OK stuff…..

McRAD – Inflation Dub, Ejected: Super early McRad tracks preceding the Dominant Force EP. Inflation Dub is a great reggae-tinged hardcore track. Ejected is just a classic old school HC track. McRad is still going strong today!

THE HEATHENS - Oohleigh at Great Adventure, My Twin From Hell: Amazing shit. Tight as hell spazz-core. Kinda like a trainwreck between Stark Raving Mad and Deep Wound and the Minutemen. Fuck! Who were these guys?

All in all, this is a super-tight set of US Hardcore made at the height of the moment in 1982. Quality wise, I think it is as good as the Master Tape, Flex Your Head or This Is Boston Not LA. I wonder why it does not have the same reputation as those comps?

Thanks to George for hooking me up with this comp too.

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  1. jeremy says:

    man, i’ve been looking for this one for awhile!
    as a teenager it was in constant rotation but listening to it now i realize how much my tastes have changed. GREAT post, i’m kinda surprised that i’m not that in to it anymore.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey, there seems to be some problem with downloading second ydi track, and also flag of democracy, blunder boys and little gentlemen tracks..:-/ many thanks for the n.o.t.a demo!

  3. Joe Stumble says:

    all fixed…

  4. Anonymous says:

    can’t get ‘blunder boys – middle class morals’

  5. OTTO says:

    Grew up on the fringes of this scene (I was a junior in high school in 1982), living on the outskirts of Philly and getting in to see shows on the weekends. I might have been at the YDI show featured on YouTube, who knows…

    Much as I’d like to stand up for the hometown scene, Philly never quite got it together. Some great bands (YDI and Ruin are top caliber by any USHC standard), but the scene never seemed to have one of those ‘moments’ that created the sudden bursts of greatness we got from DC, Boston, Chicago, LA…

    A decent comp with some standout cuts from forgotten bands… worth a listen, but likely to fall off the playlist pretty fast (it did for me, even back in 1983).

  6. Tom says:

    As always, Joe, thanks! I could have gotten this on vinyl, cheap, during my college days and never bothered. It’s now about $15-20 on eBay (last time I checked). It needs a legit reissue on CD.

  7. South Street says:

    As a kid going up in North East Philly – going to South Street to buy records…. The normal shit…. This made going to North Catholic, living in a small roehouse in Mayfair, and all the other shit all most acceptable.

    I lived off this record for many of years……… Ruin was the best punk band ever……. Great regrets…. never seeing a show at that strip club turned punk venue under the EL – ‘Philly Cookbook’. Saw about half these bands live, but an still trying to find or get Psychotic Normans material. YMNT on Fridays with Rich Poor……… I recorded the last YMNT – should upload it…. The last great punk rock experience I had………..

  8. saucefein says:

    sat on the wall at the record exchange for years.great lp.

  9. G says:

    South St.
    I too grew up in FNE, went to Ryan, did the same stuff -hardcore shows @ the Cookbook ( I actually played there when I was 16) , Pizazz, City Gardens. Hanging around Record Exchange or 3rd St Jazz. Philly ain’t like that anymore…good times.
    Ruin WAS the best Philly band. Still are!

  10. Paul I says:

    Thanks for posting these MP3′s. I wore out my original copy of this LP.
    No shit. I wish I had at least made a tape of it.
    FYI, all of the guys in each of these bands were really nice guys as well.

  11. zink says:

    this is cool the my band songs on mp3 after this fucking long thanks. (Seeds of terror)

  12. I drew the front cover of this LP and named it. There was some controversy/politics at the time over which drawing should be on the front and which should be the back cover. Kind of a freaks vs hardcore battle. The image shows all the punk clubs in Philly that met strange and untimely demises like burning down, getting blow up, busted by the cops. That sort of thing. lov,e
    Elizabeth Fiend, Slide guitar: More Fiends.

  13. Joe says:

    Thanks Elizabeth! Thats a cool piece of info!

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