Von Beat – Nuke Wave Music

Von Beat – Synthetic Environment // Of Course I Care (VVV Records) 1981. I’ve finally gotten around to uploading some more stuff so I should have a string of posts here for a bit. Hmmmm….what colossal, epic extract of musical manna do I begin with? Von Beat on VVV Records, of course. Home of KBD-Fanboy bands like Bobby Soxx, Non Compos Mentos and The Ejectors. Now Von Beat probably isn’t as “punk” as any of those acts. In fact, it is most similar to VVV label-mates, The Telefones and maybe the Delinquents from down in Austin and Los Reactors up in Oklahoma. Synth-led new wave, ermm sorry, nuke wave, with a pogo beat. Also, Von Beat wasn’t really a band as much as a one man show. Yeah, Von Beat is the dude’s name. From what I can tell about Von, he is trying to sound pretty “cool”. He’s adds these laconic little rockabilly flourishes to his singing for no apparent reason along with a slight Texas drawl. It’s one of those instances where I think the singer is trying to sound “cool” and “rockin” but just sounds like a “dork” and “spazzy”. But since we all know that spazzy-dork singers are really the coolest thing a band can have, Von Beat ends up coming full circle and sounding pretty cool. A masterful play on Mr Beat’s part, I would say. Wouldn’t you?

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  1. elliott says:

    very good post. haha kbd fanboys? record rocks. thanks.

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