Šarlo Akrobata – Ona Se Budi / Mali Covek

Sarlo Akrobata – Ona Se Budi // Mali Covek (Jugoton Records) 1981. A solid 7inch by the great post-punk hope of Yugoslavia, Šarlo Akrobata. I suspect the A-Side of this single was a bid for commercial acceptance. It’s New Wave Reggae, very much in the vein of what the early Police were doing and that is well and good, I guess. A lot of the Yugoslavian bands of the day had a thing for reggae and/or ska. However, it is the B-Side of this single that really shows off what I love about Šarlo Akrobata and that is their similarity to The Minutemen. Seriously, listen to how choppy and treble-filled the guitar lines are. Listen to how thumpin’ and hard the bass is. Then listen to how pounding the drums are. Šarlo Akrobata were a three man band just like Boon, Hurley and Watt. Two of the guys barked out lyrics. It’s very similar….just a bit more sprawling and “post-punk”. Šarlo Akrobata released a great LP called Bistriji Ili Tuplji Čovek Biva Kad … and there a lot of awesome Minutemen-styled jams on it. On the great Jugoton Record label which was the national record label for the nation of Yugoslavia during the commie era.

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  1. Neso says:

    check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjcl1MZrjk8&feature=related
    it’s sarlo akrobata with actor aleksandar bercek on a vocal. song is called firm breast ballad from a cult movie titled a promising boy.
    guitar player milan later fronted ekatarina velika (cathrine the great) and died in 1994. bass player koja fronted disciplina kicme (spine discipline) and is curently in london doing a drum and bass thing. drummer vd died of aids in 1992.

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