Nocturnal Projections – Nerve Ends in Power Lines

Nocturnal Projections – Nerve Ends In Power Lines // In Purgatory (Self Released) 1982. Absolutely amazing band from New Zealand that a lot of folks in the States at least, are completely unaware of. I first heard them on the super-cool Hate Your Neighbours compilation way back whenever and at that time I didn’t really know all of the formal connections around the band. When Nocturnal Projections are mentioned, they are frequently compared to Joy Division which is off the mark in my opinion and is probably due to the fact that singer Peter Jeffries suffered from epilepsy much like Ian Curtis. Obviously comparing the two bands’ music based solely on this similarity would seem to reek of “lazy journalism” but who am I to judge? I’m but a lowly music blogger and I have no PHD in rock-n-roll ethnography. Anyhoo, where Joy Division were stark and depressing, Nocturnal Projections were a more joyous clatter and even though the churning bass lines and ringing guitars may have similarities to Hook and Sumner, the production on the Nocturnal Projections releases is far more punk rock and full of life than anything Martin Hannett would have cooked up. Jeffries voice as well, is an infectious, treble-filled warble and has none of the traditional gothic overtones associated with Joy Division-styled bands . Nocturnal Projections released this single and a few LP’s and EP’s during their brief two year existence. After they disbanded, brothers Peter and Graeme Jeffries went on to form This Kind of Punishment who released a series of great albums in the 1980′s on Flying Nun. Peter also recorded a number of excellent releases on a variety labels including XPressway and Ajax as well as playing in the short lived Plagal Grind. Graeme recorded solo and then formed the very prolific Cakekitchen. But this is where it all started. Didja get all that?

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  1. I am one of those lazy types who makes the Joy Division comparison. For me it’s not even about Hannett, it’s almost more about the earlier punkier Joy Division EP.

  2. Joe says:

    Dan – I approve of making Warsaw comparisons in limited amounts.

  3. Brushback says:

    Wow, this is super good.

  4. Chris says:

    I’d always assumed these guys were South Islanders and thought they were from Dunedin or Christchurch. Only when I found the Bell Street compilation album a few years ago, I discovered the Jeffries brothers were from the town of New Plymouth, home of many punk and metal bands.

  5. Brushback says:

    Had never heard these guys before, so I went out just now and found a couple more of their records on the internet. All consistently brilliant.

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