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One of the real problems with doing this blog is that I set some pretty firm standards with myself on not posting shit that is in print. There are a lot of sites out there that will post whole albums that are currently available elsewhere on the web. Some of these sites are really good….but I just can’t bring myself to post a whole album that is easily available. I feel like I am screwing the band in question.

Problem with this approach is that a number of my favourite bands never get written up on Last Days. Sometimes, I’ll break the rule like I did with D.I. and feature samples from the various albums I like in the hopes that readers will decide to go buy the releases and listen to them in their entirety.

This brings me to Government Issue. Why Government Issue, you ask?

Well first of all, G.I. is one of only a handful of US Hardcore bands that both defined the genre and transcended it at the same time. Tom Lyle’s guitar sound on later G.I. records was a wall of sound in much the same way that Haggerty’s was in Naked Raygun. G.I.’s vocalist, John Stabb was probably the most idiosyncratic frontman in hardcore. He would intentionally wear the dorkiest outfits and do the silliest shit on stage just to upset and annoy the punkers….all around, a great frontman.

This brings me to the second reason to post some Government Issue. It seems that John Stabb was assaulted recently near his home in suburban DC. John’s injuries required surgery that his insurance company apparently doesn’t feel it is responsible for and he needs your help.

Looking at the hospital photos of Stabb pisses me off by the way. All the great hallmarks of the US-of-A are at play here. Misdirected gang violence on the street leading to ridiculous medical costs at the hospital leading to insurance companies refusing to pay the bill leading to potential financial ruin for John Stabb. So help him out if you can. Attend one of the benefit shows, arrange a benefit show, donate a few bucks, bid in the Ebay Auction currently in progress…

whatevah…just Make an Effort! Thanks…

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2 Responses to Help Out John Stabb

  1. booblikon says:

    another american hallmark you missed: where the fuck were the police to protect him when he was being attacked?!

  2. Steve PMX says:

    A big thing with the young thugs in DC these days is assaulting random people for money, laughs or to prove they’re ‘hardcore’ to other members of their crew. Not the least bit surprised that no police were in sight. They always seem to be around to catch the most insignificant traffic violations, but they’re never around when something big goes down and someone actually needs their help. 911 in DC is a joke, especially in the rougher areas. They’ve been known to give attitude over the phone and even hang up on people.

    This is a tragic situation – John Stabb and G.I. helped build the hardcore punk sound that so many young bands today try to replicate. With little or no recognition! My condolences go out to John and his family, and my middle finger goes out to the health insurance company who fails to insure health. tragic.

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