LDoMoE Podcast #7 – Art For Spastics

I was putting together another podcast recently and I realized that I primarily wanted to add new wave tunes. Maybe it is a reaction to all of the hardcore I have been listening to lately. Who knows?

Anyway, I have decided that the next few podcasts I do will be post-punk themed. A lot of this music is still in print. A lot is on other blogs. It seems redundant (or illegal) to re-post them. So instead, I will be featuring this stuff in the podcasts.

Post-Punk Podcast #1

Industry – Ready For The Wave
Pink Section – Midsummer New York
Dark Day – Arp’s Carpet
Syntoma - Ye-ye
Super Freego – Tentative De Courgettes
Lydia Lunch – Atomic Bongos
Gary Allen – Mongul At Home
Monochrome Set – the man with the black moustache
A Certain Ratio – Do The Du
God And The State – Art For Spastics
Your Food – Cool
Honeymoon Killers – Histoire a Suivre
Patife Band – corredor polones
The Tanzdiele – Folgt Den Fuhr

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4 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #7 – Art For Spastics

  1. jeff says:

    looks pretty good… gonna give it a listen now.


  2. Mark Early says:

    Thanks Joe! That’s the greatest video I’ve seen in a long time.

  3. Joe says:

    Hey Mark — I have determined that what makes Vamos A La Playa so convincing is the actual antennnas on the digital wristwatch walkie talkies. It is that level of attention to detail that is missing in todays music video work.

  4. mosh says:


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