Yugoslavian Punk Rock

Punk rock, due to it’s musical simplicity, is like a template upon which cultures can add thier own unique character. Heady shit indeed…but think about it. Ever hear Jimmy Jimmy by The Undertones? It’s an Irish tenor over 3 chords. Hurry Up Harry? British pub music over 3 chords. Ever notice how the Poshboy sound is regional? It’s the sound of strip malls and the beach over three chords.

Now if this is true, then its fair to assume that prolonged exposure to punk rock from a certain place can actually give you insight to a certain place. That is why it doesn’t fucking matter what language the record is in. Listen to it as a whole. What is it telling you about the place it came from? Helps if the music is good as well.

The stuff below came from Neso, a guy that grew up in the former Yuglosavia. It was prompted by my Hawaii punk rock post. To quote Neso, “It’s great to hear early punk from weird places.” I could not agree more.

Loyal reader, just think of the billions of punk bands from around the world you haven’t heard because they did not have access to the channels of communication to communicate to you. History is often told by the “winners” but what is your definition of a winner? My definition is every solid-gold track below.

And what have I learned recently about Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and/or Slovenia from these tracks? Fuck if I know. But I have noticed that this stuff combines very angular riffage (like Wire), with streetpunk type vocals to create a sound I would classify as arty streetpunk or maybe streety artpunk? Fave track is Bezim Niz Ulicu by Bezobrazno Zeleno which just can’t escape my head whenever I hear it.

Radnicka Controla – TV u Koloru
Bezobrazno Zeleno – Bezim Niz Ulicu
Defto Efektni – D
Industbag – 100 Db
Prljavo Kazaliste – Ja Sam Mladic U
Electricini Orgazm – Konobar
Idoli – Plastika

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  1. Petrovic says:

    Idoli were not a punk band, but some of their songs are quite close to punk style.
    Bezobrazno zeleno was a punk band in the start, but they turn to more rock oriented music after (still good)
    Elektricni orgazam was punk-new wave on their 1st LP, after that they turned in boring RnR band

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